Month: May 2012

San Sebastián-Tolosa elected for the next Congress of UNIMA 2016

The XXI Congress of UNIMA held in the city of Chengdu in China, just choose the city where the next Congress will be held in 2016. It was a fierce dispute between two cities that offered the best of themselves. On the one hand, the Russian city of Ekaterinburg, located in the center of the Eurasian continent on the border between Europe and Asia. Considered the fourth largest city in Russia, it is an important industrial and cultural center of the Urals. Its candidacy is supported by the major center of Russian UNIMA and for the powerful puppet tradition...

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Writings on Dramaturgy and Puppet Theatre (Part 2)

We warmly thank again the publishers of Brazilian magazine Móin-Móin and the author, Mauricio Kartun, the possibility of sharing and make diffusion of this article. In the first part (click here to read it), Kartun told us how the word becomes an object, how it starts to move and, as consequence, interact. Now we explore the territory of this object, the land of the puppet, which makes possible the creation of a unique meaning. In this part we recognize the place where this creation happens, its textual shape and material. II. The poetics and dramaturgy of things(1) What is...

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Punch!

The Big Grin Birthday 2012 celebrated 350 years of Mr Punch in London, right where it all began. International performances and a parade of the largest ever gathering of ‘Professors’ took place at St Paul’s Church in Covent Garden on Sunday 13 May. This evocative spot has been the geographical heart of Pulcinelia in Britain ever since 9th May 1662 when Samuel Pepys, the diarist, was strolling past and caught the performance of a new puppet show from Italy. Samuel Pepys loved ‘Punchinello’, as the character was called in Britain, so much that he recorded the sighting in his...

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Impressive Opening Ceremony of the World Festival of Chengdu

Time to talk today about the impressive opening ceremony which took place in the Park of the International Intangible Cultural Heritage, a huge leisure area in which the people of Chengdu often go on Sundays and on which stand several striking buildings for exhibitions, markets craft, stalls selling drinks, and where are displayed temporarily part of the pieces from the new Museum of Puppetry of the city, still under construction. And I call it “impressive” because that was the comunal feeling for all viewers that filled the vast square in the center of the park. Flanked by local resident...

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The meeting in Chengdu has begun

One of the world events that the puppeteers are set every four years, in addition to the festivals held regularly in almost every city in the world, the Charleville being the most renowned, is the UNIMA World Congress, which this year comes to his 21th edition. For the first time held in an Asian country , China took the lead proposing Chengdu, a city little known but of crucial importance, since it is the logistic, tourist and industrial center most relevant to inland China. Capital of Sichuan Province in southwest China, has an urban population of about 14 million...

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