Month: June 2012

Puppets in China or the exuding of energy

“Fabulous display” is the best way to define the World Puppet Festival in Chengdu that took place alongside the UNIMA Congress. Not only because of the huge number of shows involved – exactly 101 different puppet shows -, but also of theatres, of the number of people in some of the companies, and the vast size of some of the venues involved. The international presence was huge, with representatives from almost every country in the world of most puppeteering significance, which also meant significant logistical deployment. If one takes into account that the Festival not only took place in...

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Noriko Nishimoto receives award from the UNIMA Women’s Commission in Chengdu

One of the most exciting moments of the Congress of UNIMA was the award ceremony of the Women ‘s Commission to the Japanese puppeteer Noriko Nishimoto installed for years in Australia. The time of delivery was magnificently solemnized by Tamiko Onagi and Darja de Caluwe, both dressed in an elegant Japanese kimono. In short and exciting words, Tamiko Onagi read the agreement of the Women’s Commission to award the veteran puppeteer closely related to the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre. The prize consists of one puppet made ​​by Damiet Dalsum. Noriko Nishimoto We reproduce here a few words already published...

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Photo reportage, UNIMA Congress, Chengdu (Part 1)

We present a collection of photographs by Jim Tobias, a young photographer from England who has come expressly to Chengdu to document the UNIMA Congress and World Puppetry Festival. Jim Tobias studied photojournalism at London College of comunication. He has done work for magazines such as The Guardian, GQ Magazine and The Telegraph. His major area of work is fashion photography. You can see more of his work...

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Dadi Pudumjee and Jacques Trudeau continue as President and Secretary of UNIMA

Yesterday 18 members of the Executive Committee of UNIMA were elected and this morning votes will take place  for the distribution of the positions. We anticipate, however, that the President and the General Secretary will be handled by Dadi Pudumjee and Jacques Trudeau, respectively, as no further nominations for the two positions. And while yesterday it was clear that San Sebastián-Tolosa will be the venue for the new Congress of UNIMA 2016, it remains to resolve which city will be responsible for organizing the small Congress in 2014. The two nominations are Matanzas, Cuba, and Sofia, Bulgaria. The result...

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