Month: August 2012

Hiroshi Sugimoto Exhibition – Presenting ‘Henry VIII and his Six Wives’

Seven large portraits are currently on show at Sudely Castle, Winchcombe, in England. For Puppetring magazine, concerned with puppeteers and with techniques that give life to the inanimate, the exhibition offers an intriguing sideways glance at another art, through the work of conceptual photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto and his own surprising ‘animation’. The black and white photographs are part of a series entitled “Portraits” commissioned by the Deutsche Guggenheim Museum for an exhibition in 1999; they have been lent to Sudely Castle this year, 2012, as part of the 500th anniversary celebrations of the birth of Catherine Parr, last wife...

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Botan Doro, a Ghost Story, new version by Puk Theatre,Tokyo

Puppet Theatre Puk, from Tokyo, presented a new puppet version of famous “Botan Doro – a Ghost Story” , a show for grown-ups audience directed by Sachiko Inoue. Written by Sanyutei Encho (1839-1900), with script adapted by Sachiko Inoue (basic-script by T.Kawajari) and Puppet Design by Yumiko Wakabayashi, Botan Doro has been presented at Kinokuniya-Hall, in Tokyo, 23rd-26th August. Botan Doro is a japaneese ghost story both romantic and horrific. It envolves sex with the dead and the conseqüences of loving a ghost. It is sometimes known as Kaidan Botan Doro, based on the kabuki version of the story....

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“They say puppets have soul, but this is not true” Interview with Martin Růžička

Martin Růžička is a carver and marionette builder from Prague, Czech Republic. The accurate work and the quality of crafted wooden puppets made in Prague are well known worldwide, as well as Růžička’s pieces. Martin has not learned his job from tradition, thus this could be the reason of his very personal work. He likes to provoke, to play the role of a post-punk artisan and use a smart sense of humor. He is a self-taught artist —or I should rather say “worker”, as he states making marionettes is just a work for him. However, after talking with him,...

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Theater Trittbrettl: 30 years renewing Kasperl

Heini Brossmann and his Theater Trittbrettl performed at La Strada Festival, in Graz, Austria, a very personal version of traditional Kasperl puppet shows (see this article about the Festival). This year is the 30th anniversary of this company, in coincidence with the 15 years of La Strada, so its Artistic Director, Werner Schrempf, asked Brossmann to do something new. The result is ‘Das Kroko Dicke Dil’, co-produced by La Strada. In this show, Kasperl faces a new difficulty and the help of the puppeteer and the musician, Peter Marnul, will be needed: the Crocodile, Kasperl’s antagonist, does not want...

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The Harry V. Tozer marionettes

On July 19, 2012, the team of the Revolt of the Puppets moved to Institute del Teatre de Barcelona for a second “exhumation” of puppets who sleep in the MAE warehouses (Museum of the Performing Arts). If the first time was to get out of their boxes puppets from the Anglès Family (with their current representatives), the second was to return to the daylight some of the marionettes of the great English puppeteer Harry V.Tozer, Barcelona resident for most of his life and creator of an immense work one day rescued by the Institut del Teatre, offering a permanent...

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