Month: May 2013

The Museu da Marioneta de Lisboa

When one goes to the festival FIMFA in Lisbon, it is always a pleasure to visit the Museu da Marioneta (Puppet Museum,Lisbon, located in the Convento das Bernardas, which is runned by Maria José Machado Santos with her talented team composed mostly by women), and visit the rooms where there are different collections exposed. The visit  begins with the shadows and puppets of Asia and the Far East, it continues with a sample of European traditions, stops at the stunning African masks, and reaches its maximum with Portugal’s Puppet collections, from the old Robertos, puppets of Faustino Duarte, Manuel Rosado and Joaquim Pinto,...

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Creative workshop: Words, Objects and Shadows. 1st to 4th July

From Puppetring magazine, Toni Rumabu and Cesc Martinez propose a theater workshop focused on objects and shadows and their poetic dimensions. What is hidden in the objects can reveal quite a few things of our world and of ourselves. Browse this universe to see how we can use it on stage, is the aim of the workshop, which will incorporate in its final stage shadow theater as a way of distortion of the apparent realities and creating other visual perspectives able to turn the world upside down. Final goal of the workshop: finding real and useful creation mechanisms through...

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News from the Istanbul International Puppet Festival

To talk about Istanbul Puppet Festival is to talk about Cengiz Özek, its artistic director. Sixteen years of thinking about the city from the perspective of the puppets, and thinking about puppets looking at them through Istanbul. It was a coincidence that the first show that I saw today was “The Magic Tree” by Cengiz Özek, and because I already know the show very well, I asked to see it from back stage. I must also confess that I had already seen it from behind, but if it’s always a pleasure to watch as the Karagöz shadow act, it is...

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Birth of a Puppet Museum in Macao, China

The high activity of puppet theater that exists in China is being translated into a multitude of public and private initiatives. Macao, the ancient city under Portuguese rule, also lives his moment of joy thanks to the contribution of Ms. Elisa Vilaça, Portuguese puppeteer and teacher, who has offered her collection of puppets from around the world to Macao Puppet Museum, which is still in process of realization. Catalog To start this wonderful project, it has been carried out in the Tap Seac Gallery of Macao a beautiful exhibition of puppets from around the world, “From East to West...

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The 16 Istanbul International Puppet Festival has begun

The 16 Istanbul International Puppet Festival these days has begun. The program is rich in shows and events held in parallel: workshops, lectures, films … The companies come from many different countries: Spain, Holland, England, Czech Republic, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Romania, Greece, Hungary, France and, of course, Turkey. A festival thus very complete and attractive, which takes place in many different theaters of the city.The interested can find information on the following website: We reproduce here the words of its artistic director, who also was the founder of it, the Karagöz shadow puppeteer Cengiz Özek: “When we started the...

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