Month: November 2013

SKY DISC: an opera created from an object

At the beginning of October 2013, in the German town of Halle, an unusual opera was premiered that is of particular interest from the point of view of visual theatre and the theatre of objects: its point of departure is the so called Nebra Sky-disc, or, in German, Die Himmelsscheibe von Nebra. A bronze disc, decorated with inlaid gold objects, which represents the sky with the full moon -or the sun, perhaps- and a crescent moon, a number of stars (32 to be exact) and, in the lower section, a sunboat. The Nebra Sky-disc has been a fundamental find...

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Puppet Slam in U.S.A. West Coast

On the past 12th of October Santa Rosa, California celebrated a Puppet Slam. The event was organized by Mary Nagler, a veteran puppeteer with an ample curriculum under her belt, both as constructor for cinema and television as well as a performer with her own shows. Thenight was a deliciously rich mixture of the intimate, family orientated and the underground echoed by the romantic setting that hosted the event; an old red brick and wooden building situated alongsidetrain tracks. The paper theatre of Little Blue Moon delighted the audience with sketches based on erotic, ironic and poetic short stories...

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