Month: April 2014

Movement and forms between puppetry and circus

Puppetry and circus have more in common than we think. It’s about movement and signification —the way both scenic disciplines find their true expression. Of course, there are many differences: while the puppeteer animates objects, the acrobat, the juggler and the balance artist perform acts that go beyond the usual limits of the human body and take a risk for it. But in some modern circus productions, artists use their props as living creatures. They animate them, interact with them in a very similar way of some puppeteers. That’s been seen during the festival Circ d’Ara Mateix (Circus Today)...

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Soon: FIDENA – International Puppet Theatre Festival. 16th – 24th May 2014, in Bochum, Germany

Spring brings Festivals to Europe. Music, theatre, dance and puppetry. In northern countries, the desire to shake off the winter cold is great, and artists fill the streets and theatres. In Germany, the FIDENA Festival has already launched its stunning programme and will take place from 16th to 24th May. As the Festival press release says, “To paraphrase Friedrich Schiller, when beauty appears in the garb of liberty, the international FIDENA(Figurentheater der Nationen) Festival in the Ruhr Metropolitan Area will surely be one of the most beautiful in its long history. For this year the invited companies and performers...

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Levofloxacin 750 Mg Dosage :: Levaquin Side Effects

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“Autour du Portrait”, un stage proposé par Eric de Sarria, en complicité avec Xavier Bobés

Mots de tête Compagnie nous proposent un travail  autour du portrait, à travers le geste, les objets, les matériaux et la voix.  Qu’est ce que faire le portrait d’autrui ? A partir de quels éléments ? Quid de l’essentiel et de l’anecdotique ? Qu’est ce que parler de soi, ou de l’autre ? Et comment dresser ce portrait sur scène ? Telles sont les questions que nous nous poserons, de même que nous interrogerons les auteurs et les peintres classiques et contemporains sur le portrait des autres et de soi. Xavi Bobés, Insomni. Photo Àlex Torguet. Avec nous, à mes côtés et aux vôtres,...

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“Atelier della Luna”: Masterclasses and Workshops, July – August 2014

Atelier de la Luna is an initiative between Catalonia and Italy focused on the dissemination and teaching of theater that features two territories, two spaces, and a house without borders, as well in collaboration with the Halls of: Montefiore Conca (Italy), Santes Creus (Catalonia/Spain) and the co-organisation from the Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Atelier della Luna is doing training and specialised workshops about puppets, theatre and contemporary circus The castle Malatesta in Montefiore Conca. The workshops are developed in two different spaces: of the castle Malatesta in Montefiore Conca, Rimini (Italy) and the monastery of...

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