Month: May 2014

Latest news from UNIMA Women’s Commission

In Cuba President of the Women’s Comission Tamiko Onagi finally met with the winner of first Encouragement Award of the Women’s Commission Carmen Cárdenas (Bolivia, Títeres Elwaky). Due to the grant award, Carmen’s son, Bayardo Loredo, was able to study puppetry in Argentina for three months at the school headed by Tito Lorefice. Tamiko Onagi in Cuba during councillors meeting. The commission is heading to a strong future. Puppeteers, writers and designers who are looking for support and accompaniment for its development can apply to the UNIMA Women’s Commission Project. During the councilor meeting in Cuba Tamiko Onagi (Japan)...

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May, the month of puppets in Lisbon

FIMFA Lx14 starts today in Lisbon, Portugal, with a program full of must-see companies (click here). This festival, organized by A Tarumba, is an auhentic showcase of contemporary trends in scenic arts. In fact, Rute Ribeiro and Luis Vieira, artistic directors, define FIMFA as a festival of ‘animated forms’. The variety of formats and the mix of disciplines witness the force of the modern puppetry and the rule it can play in big cities cultural life. Today, the animation of Surreal McCoy in the most centric streets of Lisbon will present the 2014 edition to everyone before opening officially...

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“A Flowering Tree”, Opéra de John Adams, au Chatelet de Paris. Masks et marionnettes de Dadi Pudumjee

L’opéra et les marionnettes sont deux genres du théâtre très séparés et, à la fois, très voisins. Surtout dans le langage de la scène contemporaine, les arts du visuel sont de plus en plus présents dans les nouvelles créations d’opéra du monde entier. C’est le cas de cette nouvelle version du titre de John Adams, “A Flowering Tree”, création en 2006 au Vienna New Crowned Hope Festival, présentée maintenant au Théâtre du Chatelet à Paris avec une mise en scène de Vishal Bhardwaj, chorégraphie et scénographie de Sudesh Adhana, et avec la participation du marionnettiste Dadi Pudumjee dans la...

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