Month: August 2014

Idoya Otegui visits Japan, in preparation for the UNIMA Congress and World Festival 2016

Idoya Otegui, director of the Tolosa International Puppet Centre (TOPIC), is these days in Japan to finalize aspects related to Congress and World Puppet Festival to be held in San Sebastian and Tolosa. As is well known, these two cities will host the Congress and World Puppet Festival 2016 organized every four years by the International Association of Puppets (UNIMA), under the project of San Sebastian European Capital of Culture. The Tolosa International Puppet Centre (TOPIC) and DSS2016EU are the two partners, along with Federation UNIMA Spain, which were chosen in the Congress of Chengdu (China) in 2012 for...

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The Forman Brothers in Santes Creus Monastery

During two weeks, fourteen artists and six members of the Forman Brothers Company team were woking on a workshop in Santes Creus Monastery, 35 kilometers inland from Tarragona, Catalonia. It was scheduled and coordinated by Atelier della Luna, an organization aimed to offer masterclasses, courses and workshops to artists from different disciplines —but mainly performing arts— in Italy and Catalonia. Their purpose is to set these in places that provide a unique inspiration to the participants while trained by accredited artists. So was the case of this last workshop. Santes Creus was a former Cistercian monastery that can be...

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