Month: January 2015

BODY, PUPPET AND MANIPULATION – Workshop in Lisbon directed by Iris Meinhardt (DE)

Body, Puppet and Manipulation – Human Body – Human Doll. A Workshop on the movement and manipulation. The works of Iris Meinhardt mix dance, puppets, manipulation and new technologies, exploring the various possibilities of her own body and movement, which has resulted on a personal and innovative artistic language. She is considered a new and peculiar voice in contemporary puppet theatre. 12 to 14 February 2015. (Thursday to Saturday) PROJECTO FUNICULAR – Formação na Área do Teatro de Marionetas A Training Project on Puppetry  WORKSHOPS – Lisboa – Portugal FOR: Puppeteers, actors, dancers, visual artists and performing arts students NUMBER OF...

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Puppets for Charlie Hebdo

The terrorist attack against the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has caused universal consternation. At Puppetring we can do no less than add our voice to the demonstrations of repulsion in the face of such an absurd and terrible act, an attack not only against freedom to live and freedom of expression, but also against the freedom of humour.  An ironic, humorous viewpoint that makes it possible to observe reality from a critical distance constitutes one of the most widely accepted values in all human cultures. Only fanaticism and fundamentalist intransigence, of whatever sign, opposes it. Being able to laugh at big...

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Video, Objects and Animation – LOOP Fair 2014, and LOOP Exhibition at the Maritime Museum in Barcelona – Part 2

Video is an art form with a special relationship to time.  Works are often short in comparison to feature films, documentaries or television series, but comparable in length to music videos or advertisements.  However, they are not driven by the same imperatives of narrative or commercial messages and different dynamics are possible. Video art gives room to observation or contemplation; and Time itself may become part of the subject matter.  For me, this is an important aspect of what makes many video art works engaging and memorable. (This is the second of two articles on LOOP Fair 2014. See...

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