Month: March 2016

‘Je Suis Punch!’, by Gary Friedman, in the World Puppetry Day 2016

We publish the text and video by the filmmaker and puppeteer Gary Friedman, from Australia, regarding the World Puppet Day, and refers to the subject of the puppeteers arrested in Madrid. Gary Friedman, born in South Africa but living for years in Australia, is making a documentary about puppets and politics, for which he has traveled the world collecting testimonies and images about it. Gary Friedman en Barcelona. Foto T.R. ‘Je Suis Punch!’ is a special dedication to the freedom of expression in our world and the two young Spanish puppeteers, Alfónso Lázaro de la Torre and Raul García...

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In defense of the puppeteers imprisoned in Madrid

It is quite incredible that such things can still happen! Two pupeeteers have been imprisoned for a knockabout show that may be a bit strong but which is, nevertheless, in keeping with the style of such shows as they have always been performed, both in Spain and throughout Europe. Two young puppeteers, just starting out in the genre of knockabout, street puppet theatre – one of the most difficult forms there is, demanding that one keeps an eye on current events – have taken the rap for a series of confusions, and for reactions that are completely out of...

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