Author: Mauricio Kartun

Writings on Dramaturgy and Puppet Theatre (Part 2)

We warmly thank again the publishers of Brazilian magazine Móin-Móin and the author, Mauricio Kartun, the possibility of sharing and make diffusion of this article. In the first part (click here to read it), Kartun told us how the word becomes an object, how it starts to move and, as consequence, interact. Now we explore the territory of this object, the land of the puppet, which makes possible the creation of a unique meaning. In this part we recognize the place where this creation happens, its textual shape and material. II. The poetics and dramaturgy of things(1) What is...

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Writings on Dramaturgy and Puppet Theatre (Part 1)

We open the section on Training and Development with this article by Mauricio Kartun, which appeared in the magazine Móin-Móin. Mauricio Kartun is one of the principle points of reference of the “new dramaturgy” that has developed in Argentina over recent decades. Besides his work as author and director, he also teaches on the Advanced Course for Puppeteers (Curso Superior de Titiriteros) at the National University of General San Martín. Our thanks to the magazine Móin-Móin, of Jaraguá do Sul, Brasil, to its directors Gilmar A. Moretti and Valmor Nini Beltrame, as well as to Mauricio Kartun himself, for permission...

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