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23rd edition of the Istanbul International Puppet Festival will take a place between 2/9 November 2020. A major part of the festival will be realized digitally cause of pandemic. The festival directed and led by actor, shadow player and art direction Cengiz Özek. Some interesting shows, an outdoor exhibition and a workshop for children take a place in this year’s festival. EXHIBITION The Exhibition will be waiting for you on billboards of Istanbul streets. The puppets in the exhibition belong to Dr. Paul Lin who is an important collector in the most famous puppet museum in Taiwan. (Photos were...

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Exhibition in Istanbul: Karagözüm Iki Gözüm (Karagöz, My Dear), by Ömer Can Kulakcı

A new exhibition amidst the pandemic focuses on the traditional Turkish shadow puppet Karagoz and his cohorts. The exhibition has opened at Yapi Kredi Museum that one of the most important culture and art center in Turkey and the exhibition can be seen until February 21 at the Beyoglu, Istanbul location. During the opening of the exhibition, the works of great master Ragip Tugtekin, was a very valuable teacher, from the museum’s own collection and selection of more than 15 contemporary artists works were used. Also the exhibition gives us a chance to take some answers: Is Karagoz still...

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(Cengiz Özek) Today is the 4th of January, 2020 on Saturday, and my watch is indicating 20:40 local time around Istanbul, Feneryolu. As the old saying goes, I just harvested the energy to grab my pen with my bare hands. Actually while I am putting down the words onto the keyboard of the so-called device, on the other side I am watching the backscattering of them to me from the screen with a little help of the software. I have got no idea how artistic or literal it is to assign this duty to such digital medium, instead of...

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With Puk Theatre, in Tokyo, by Lucas Franken

(Mugi Kawajiri, Tamiko Onagi, Lucas Franken and Mamika Kawajiri in Puk Theatre) As an intern at PUK theatre in July and August 2019, I learned that PUK represents a modern, internationally networked understanding of puppetry. Throughout the world, the scene has grown together into a global puppet village. It was by participating in workshops by Bulgarian puppeteer Marieta Murphy and Neville Tranter (Stuffed Puppet Theatre, NL) that I have become aware of this myself. The international festival in Iida, which was part of the tour of “Babylon” and “Punch & Judy in Afghanistan” by Tranter, is also representative of...

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IV. AUNTUM SCHOOL, TOPIC – Tolosa: ‘Saling a Text’, with Martial Anton and Daniel Calvo Funes

(‘Le Meunier Hurlant’, by Tro-heol) 25th to 29th November 2019 UNIMA Euskalherria and the TOPIC of Tolosa, with the sponsorship of the Basque Government, address, one more year, the organization of the traditional Autumn School, coinciding with the Titirijai de Tolosa. On this occasion, the Workshop, aimed at young professional or amateur puppeteers, meaning “young” those who have short experience with the puppet or who want to continue learning about some aspects of it, will deepen the specific direction in “Puppet and actor”. ‘In the great ocean that a text can be, we are all fragile when we go...

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