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With Puk Theatre, in Tokyo, by Lucas Franken

(Mugi Kawajiri, Tamiko Onagi, Lucas Franken and Mamika Kawajiri in Puk Theatre) As an intern at PUK theatre in July and August 2019, I learned that PUK represents a modern, internationally networked understanding of puppetry. Throughout the world, the scene has grown together into a global puppet village. It was by participating in workshops by Bulgarian puppeteer Marieta Murphy and Neville Tranter (Stuffed Puppet Theatre, NL) that I have become aware of this myself. The international festival in Iida, which was part of the tour of “Babylon” and “Punch & Judy in Afghanistan” by Tranter, is also representative of...

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IV. AUNTUM SCHOOL, TOPIC – Tolosa: ‘Saling a Text’, with Martial Anton and Daniel Calvo Funes

(‘Le Meunier Hurlant’, by Tro-heol) 25th to 29th November 2019 UNIMA Euskalherria and the TOPIC of Tolosa, with the sponsorship of the Basque Government, address, one more year, the organization of the traditional Autumn School, coinciding with the Titirijai de Tolosa. On this occasion, the Workshop, aimed at young professional or amateur puppeteers, meaning “young” those who have short experience with the puppet or who want to continue learning about some aspects of it, will deepen the specific direction in “Puppet and actor”. ‘In the great ocean that a text can be, we are all fragile when we go...

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withNature 2020: an idea across the world for the International Day for Biological Diversity – 22 May 2020. By Emma K. Thomas

(Photo by Emma K. Thomas) This is not an article about puppetry per se: I am not qualified to write such a piece.   Rather it is an appeal to the puppeteer community worldwide, based on human values with which I hope and believe puppeteers will identify. I am a visual artist, distressed as many people are, by the mounting evidence of the destruction we are wreaking on our planet. The growth of human populations and the degree of our ‘modernisation’ threaten to destroy the natural world and us along with it.  I have found it impossible to carry on...

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Wold Puppetry Day Message 2019, by Dadi D. Pudumjee

(Dadi D. Pudumjee. Photo Wikipedia) This year Unima Interrnacional has commissioned the World Puppetry Day Message from puppeteer and theatre director Dadi D. Pudumjee, President of Unima, who is well-known and well loved by puppeteers the world over: My dear fellow puppeteers, UNIMA members and esteemed colleagues present with us today from all over the world – my heartfelt welcome to all! When I was requested to write the UNIMA world puppet day message for 2019, I was moved beyond words, for it is a great honour and privilege to address all of you in the 90th anniversary year...

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A recent visit to the Lisbon Puppet Museum leads us to reflect on the importance of museums. Puppetring collaborates closely with the Lisbon Puppet Museum (Museu da Marioneta de Lisboa) (see here), the Tolosa Museum TOPIC (see here) and Barcelona’s MAE (Museu de les Arts Escèniques) (see here), unarguably the best established puppet museums in Spain and Portugal. Roberto by Manuel Rosado. Museu da Marioneta de Lisboa. In addition, without going beyond the Iberian Peninsula, various museum endeavours create a map of significant exhibition spaces in the field of puppetry, together with the above mentioned three. In Porto, the...

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