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Puppets in Film exhibition, Museu da Marioneta, Lisbon

Lisbon’s Museu da Marioneta, in conjunction with the Festival of Animated Film MONSTRA also from Lisbon, presents an unusual exhibition of films produced in the DEFA studios of East Germany. Specifically, reference is made to eleven titles, each occupying an exhibition showcase where some of the puppets used form  their own stage picture. The DEFA Studio for Animation Films in Dresden, Germany released about 1,500 animated films in all classic animation techniques during its existence from 1955 to 1992. Puppet film had a special place in the heart of the studio’s filmmakers, who fell back on the old central European...

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El Retablo de Maese Pedro by Etcétera inaugurates the newly renovated Teatro Romea in the city of Murcia

On the 9th of March the Teatro Romea in the city of Murcia will once again open its doors after having been closed for several years. This real architectural beauty, built in 1962 in neo-classical style, is characterised by a wonderful façade in an eclectic style that includes modernist details such as the theatre awning, and the cast iron grilles that decorate the entrance alongside the busts of Beethoven, Mozart and Listz. To celebrate the inauguration of this new period, the theatre has chosen Etcétera Teatro’s excellent version of the opera “El Retablo de Maese Pedro” (Master Peter’s Puppet...

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International workshop in Lisbon. Projecto Funicular

Creating theatre for young audiences: light and movement A collaboration between Maria Matos Teatro Municipal and A Tarumba/CAMa – Projecto Funicular – Lisboa Portugal. Training Project on Puppetry and Animated Forms DIRECTED BY: Francesca Sorgato and Flop Lefebvre (FR) 10th to 14th April 2011 (from Tuesday to Saturday) Teatro Maria Matos – Sala de Ensaios FOR Puppeteers, actors, teachers, students and visual artists NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 12 WORKSHOP TIMES: 10h às 13h e 14h30 às 17h30 10am – 1pm and 2.30pm to 5.30pm LANGUAGE: French and English FEE: 75€ DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: 25 de Março 25th March INSCRIPTIONS: The...

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Puppet video clip

The video clip of the Spanish singer Leiva has been premiered. In this video clip the puppeteers Carlos Lopez, linked to La Casa-Taller de Pepe Otal, and Jordi Bertran, took part some months ago. The song “Eme” is included in the first album, December, of the bassist and singer from Madrid Pereza. The video, directed by Titán Pozo, is a not short animation film, but a real movie in which the two actors, puppets, suffer from the disappointment of a failed love affair. The figure of the singer is manipulated by Carlos Lopez, who is also responsible for the...

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African mask exhibition at TOPIC, Tolosa

A new temporary exhibition, this time dedicated to Gelede and Efe masks, is opening at TOPIC. Dates: from the 3rd of March to the 10th of June. The distinctive thing about these African masks is that they carry puppets or articulated dolls on top of them, and they come from Benin and Nigeria. The collection that can be seen in Tolosa belongs to the private Dutch collection of Ursela Voorhuis. It contains 43 unique masks that have only ever been exhibited at the International Puppet Festival in Dordrecht in 2010 and now here, in Tolosa. But this will be the...

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