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500 YEARS OF KARAGÖZ, by Cengiz Özek

Turkey, in 2017, is celebrating the 500th anniversary of the character of Karagöz, the hero of Ottoman folk shadow theatre. He is a character found in all countries that lived under the Ottoman Empire. In Greece, he became Karagosis, a Greek hero par excellence, with his own particular personality traits. In this article Cengiz Özek, renowned shadow player of Karagöz Theatre and director of the International Puppet Festival in Istanbul, situates historically this endearing tradition; a tradition that goes back 500 years and which, at the present time, is experiencing a successful period with many puppeteers practising the art. History Turkish shadow play, also called Karagöz, is an important cultural heritage. It could be described...

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Workshop with Joan Font-Comediants in Santes Creus Monastry. Glances: ‘Tales of a Story’. 3-16 July

Like every year, the Atelier della Luna organizes an important international course in the imposing Monastery of Santes Creus, in Catalonia (Spain), this time in charge of the director of one of the most important Catalan companies: Joan Font, director of Els Comediants. A course in which people will raise several issues directly related to dramatic creation and its representation. Basically it will be manipulate and play with two basic concepts of theatrical fact: space and time. Monastry of Santes Creus. In addition to the course of Comediants, in Italy the Atelier della Luna also organizes four other courses:...

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L’art de la Marionnette : du réel au symbolique via l’imaginaire, par Philippe Choulet

Nous sommes heureux de publier le texte proposé par Philippe Choulet, professeur de Chaire Supérieure en Philosophie en classes préparatoires à Strasbourg et directeur de la Revue L’Animal, dans la rencontre qui a eu lieu à Barcelone, le 5 de novembre de 2016, à l’Institut du Théâtre, organisée par le festival IF Barcelone avec Teia Moner, sur le sujet Éducation et Marionnettes (voir ici). Philippe Choulet a publié, entre autres, les livres:  La bonne Ecole, 2 vol., avec Ph. Rivière (Champ Vallon); L’idiot musical, Glenn Gould, existence et contrepoint, avec A. Hirt (Kimé); Nietzsche, l’art et la vie, avec...

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Puppetry in Slovakia and Czechia, and ‘Las Fallas de Valencia’, inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco

A very good news for puppets in the world: Puppetry in Slovakia and Czechia have been inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. A goal that the Czech and Slovak puppeteers have been searching with great zeal for years. A decision that has been accompanied by another news also very interesting for the world of animated images, in this case by fire: Las Fallas de Valencia, one of the most unique festivities in the Iberian Peninsula, has also been inscribed as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. Puppet Theatre in Czechia...

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Hetty Paërl, honorary member of UNIMA since 30 May 2016, by Frans Hakkemars and Paul Custers

On Monday 30 May 2016, Hetty Paërl – cheerful, versatile, driven and above all modest -, was awarded honorary membership of the UNIMA by the international UNIMA board: a good reason for an interview with this artist. Besides being an illustrator, painter and musician, she is also a writer of a great many books on puppetry. Her specialty is Jan Klaassen and his pedigree across Europe. The interview shows Hetty Paërl, born on 16 June 1931 in Wijhe, to be a woman who is fond of laughter, apparently sharing this art of living with Jan Klaassen’s British cousin, Punch:...

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