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Puppetry in Slovakia and Czechia, and ‘Las Fallas de Valencia’, inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco

A very good news for puppets in the world: Puppetry in Slovakia and Czechia have been inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. A goal that the Czech and Slovak puppeteers have been searching with great zeal for years. A decision that has been accompanied by another news also very interesting for the world of animated images, in this case by fire: Las Fallas de Valencia, one of the most unique festivities in the Iberian Peninsula, has also been inscribed as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. Puppet Theatre in Czechia...

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Hetty Paërl, honorary member of UNIMA since 30 May 2016, by Frans Hakkemars and Paul Custers

On Monday 30 May 2016, Hetty Paërl – cheerful, versatile, driven and above all modest -, was awarded honorary membership of the UNIMA by the international UNIMA board: a good reason for an interview with this artist. Besides being an illustrator, painter and musician, she is also a writer of a great many books on puppetry. Her specialty is Jan Klaassen and his pedigree across Europe. The interview shows Hetty Paërl, born on 16 June 1931 in Wijhe, to be a woman who is fond of laughter, apparently sharing this art of living with Jan Klaassen’s British cousin, Punch:...

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News from the Unima Congress 2016 in Tolosa / San Sebastián, Spain: Dadi Pudumjee, President, and Idoya Otegui, new General Secretary. Bali, Indonesia, wins the Unima Congress 2020

The Unima 2016 Congress, being carried out these days in Tolosa and San Sebastián, with the World Puppet Festival that accompanies it, has already voted their new directive: Dadi Pudumjee as President and Idoya Otegui as Secretary General. Members of the Executive Committee are: President Dadi Pudumjee – INDIA; General Secretary – Idoya Otegui; Treasurer: Lucile Bodson – France; 1st Vice – Manuel Moran – USA; 2nd Vice President – Karen Smith – USA. Idoya Otegui, new General Secretary. The shows are happening throughout the week as well as the regional nights, in which each region of Spain or...

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Le 22ème Congrès de l’UNIMA à Tolosa / San Sebastián. Calendrier et programme (French and English)

L’un des événements marionnettistes les plus importants dans le monde, le Congrès de l’UNIMA i LE FESTIVAL MONDIAL DE LA MARIONNETTE qui l’accompagne, sont sur le point de commencer le 28 mai prochain à Tolosa et San Sebastian, en Espagne, deux villes qui se sont partagés les actes. Le Congrès commence le lundi 30 Mai et finit le vendredi 3 Juin, tandis que le Festival Mondial de Marionnettes aura lieu du samedi 28 Mai au dimanche 5 Juin. Nous rappelons également que le Symposium sur le sujet de ‘la Machine Royale (La Máquina Real) et les Théâtres de Marionnettes...

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SYMPOSIUM INTERNATIONAL à San Sebastián, en Espagne, pendant le Congrès d’Unima 2016

Avec le titre ‘LA MÁQUINA REAL ET LE THÉÂTRE DE MARIONNETTES DE REPERTOIRE EN EUROPE ET AMÉRIQUE’, aura lieu ce très intéressant symposium le samedi 28 et le dimanche 29 mai, pendant le Festival Mondial 2016 à San Sebastián (du 28 mai au 5 juin), et juste avant le début du Congrès de l’Unima Internationale (jours 30, 31 mai et 1, 2 et 3 juin). Le symposium va se faire au Palacio de Miramar à San Sebastián, un magnifique bâtiment historique avec l’une des meilleurs et plus spectaculaires vues de la ville, construit en 1889 par l’architecte anglais Seldeen...

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