Author: Rebecca Simpson

Photographs by Hiroshi Sugimoto of Madame Tussaud’s wax replicas bring historical figures to life, by Rebecca Simpson

Black Box, an exhibition of photographs by Hiroshi Sugimoto, can be seen at the Fundació Mapfre, in Barcelona, until 8th May. Would you be interested in seeing a photograph of someone from the early sixteenth century? That’s right, a photograph, albeit the size of an oil painting. Anne Boleyn. Madame Tussaud’s wax sculptures of Henry VIII and his six wives, inspired by Renaissance paintings and drawings which, in effect, lead back to real historical individuals, were lit and photographed by Hiroshi Sugimoto (b. 1948, Tokyo, Japan) in such a way that they seem to be images, captured momentarily by...

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Video, Objects and Animation – LOOP Fair 2014, and LOOP Exhibition at the Maritime Museum in Barcelona – Part 2

Video is an art form with a special relationship to time.  Works are often short in comparison to feature films, documentaries or television series, but comparable in length to music videos or advertisements.  However, they are not driven by the same imperatives of narrative or commercial messages and different dynamics are possible. Video art gives room to observation or contemplation; and Time itself may become part of the subject matter.  For me, this is an important aspect of what makes many video art works engaging and memorable. (This is the second of two articles on LOOP Fair 2014. See...

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Video, Objects and Animation. LOOP Fair 2014, and LOOP Exhibition at the Maritime Museum. Part 1

LOOP Fair 2014, the annual video art fair, took place in Barcelona from 5th to 7th June, 2014.  It is the largest fair of its kind worldwide, and is a well established event. While LOOP Fair is directed mainly at galleries and collectors, the public can visit – for a price – on Friday and Saturday evenings, while longer public exhibitions also takes place at Arts Santa Mònica and many other spaces in the city.  In 2010 an eight-year retrospective was shown at Barcelona’s Arts Santa Mònica, featuring almost 50 pieces selected by the Los Angeles based commissioner Paul...

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On the conjuring up of creatures

My doubts about whether to offer this article for publication have been assuaged by the thought that in the British press, and some other English language media, the summer holiday period has long been known as the “silly season”.  With two more days of August still available I’ll take the proverbial bull by the horns and will leave it to Puppetring’s editorial team to decide whether or not to give what follows an airing. “Mask at the Lion King Museum”. Photo by Shawn Ashley – from flickr. This is a prequel to another article I intend to write of...

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Hiroshi Sugimoto Exhibition – Presenting ‘Henry VIII and his Six Wives’

Seven large portraits are currently on show at Sudely Castle, Winchcombe, in England. For Puppetring magazine, concerned with puppeteers and with techniques that give life to the inanimate, the exhibition offers an intriguing sideways glance at another art, through the work of conceptual photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto and his own surprising ‘animation’. The black and white photographs are part of a series entitled “Portraits” commissioned by the Deutsche Guggenheim Museum for an exhibition in 1999; they have been lent to Sudely Castle this year, 2012, as part of the 500th anniversary celebrations of the birth of Catherine Parr, last wife...

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