Author: Toni Rumbau

Barcelona, a string-puppetry capital

In recent years Barcelona has become a veritable String Capital, not the most important in Europe, of course, but of growing significance in terms of the number of highly prestigious string puppeteers who live in the city, as well as of young professionals who are starting out in this branch of puppetry. This is apparent in international festivals of the genre, which increasingly feature artists from Barcelona [1]. Harry V. Tozer and his skeleton marionette. We have to go back to the beginning of the eighteenth century to find the first home-grown Barcelona string puppeteers, such as the members...

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Catalonia – puppets, a national heritage

This article – written in collaboration with UNIMA Catalonia – aims to create an initial, general outline of what could be considered as the Puppetry Heritage of Catalonia. This first approach to a rich and complex subject will be expanded as new material on the subject reaches us. If our point of departure is the concept of heritage, and if we take the word in the sense of an inheritance from our predecessors, then our study should focus on what has been preserved from the world of puppetry, prior to current generations of puppeteers. Three Pericos. Puppets by the...

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In defense of the puppeteers imprisoned in Madrid

It is quite incredible that such things can still happen! Two pupeeteers have been imprisoned for a knockabout show that may be a bit strong but which is, nevertheless, in keeping with the style of such shows as they have always been performed, both in Spain and throughout Europe. Two young puppeteers, just starting out in the genre of knockabout, street puppet theatre – one of the most difficult forms there is, demanding that one keeps an eye on current events – have taken the rap for a series of confusions, and for reactions that are completely out of...

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El Zorro, bt Eudald Ferré and Luca Ronga

The show ‘El Zorro ‘ was seen a few days ago in one of the Institut del Teatre classes Barcelona – as well as in La Mostra d’Igualada-. the leading performing arts market for young audiences in Catalonia. The show is a creation of the puppeteers Eudald Ferré and Luca Ronga, under the direction of Lluís Graells. A creation but at the same time a major challenge to which director and puppeteers have had to face up with in wishing to set up a Catalan traditional puppeteer play without the ‘castellet’ (little booth) so that the puppet and its...

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Do Not Try To Use Sinequan Antidepressant Medication For Sleep – It Is Dangerous

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