Author: Toni Rumbau

El Zorro, bt Eudald Ferré and Luca Ronga

The show ‘El Zorro ‘ was seen a few days ago in one of the Institut del Teatre classes Barcelona – as well as in La Mostra d’Igualada-. the leading performing arts market for young audiences in Catalonia. The show is a creation of the puppeteers Eudald Ferré and Luca Ronga, under the direction of Lluís Graells. A creation but at the same time a major challenge to which director and puppeteers have had to face up with in wishing to set up a Catalan traditional puppeteer play without the ‘castellet’ (little booth) so that the puppet and its...

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Do Not Try To Use Sinequan Antidepressant Medication For Sleep – It Is Dangerous

The amount of salt and carbohydrate limited In addition, limited to foods that chemical and mechanical irritant effect on the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, severe stimulants of gastric acid secretion, and food, linger in the stomach for a long time The meals are prepared by cooking in boiling water or steamed and shabby vide Odnu tablespoon of the mixture brew a cup of boiling water, leave for 20 minutes , Via the stock exchange cheesecloth Take 1/2 cup 3 times a day after meals ECG clear signs of myocardial infarction 2 Intra-myocardial infarction: not deep tooth Q may ST-segment shift not only upward but also downward Epidemiological studies show that the incidence of coronary heart disease and mortality rates significantly lower than the smokers and cessation of smoking more This effect is most otchetliv young people and to stop smoking for reasons beyond the advice of the doctor According to the American Heart Association, the age-adjusted incidence of severe forms of coronary artery disease in the United States former smokers, people are almost the same as among those who never smoked and was much lower than in men who smoked at study pack more cigarettes per day This information is not dependent on serum cholesterol and blood pressure The results of these studies indicate that smoking cessation is important for the prevention of coronary heart disease...

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Portuguese puppets (Robertos) and European traditions together in Lisbon

On 3rd July, the exhibition The Pulcinela Trails (Rotas de Polichinelo) opened to great pomp and circumstance at the Puppet Museum in Lisbon. This event however was more than a mere inauguration as when the doors of the chapel, where the items are displayed, opened, the cloister of the Convento das Bernardas was the stage of a joyful and effusive encounter of all the puppeteers that today represent Dom Robertos in Portugal (only João Costa was missing, one of the youngest puppeteers of the Roberto tradition, but to make up for this Marcelo Lafontana’s Mamulengo also joined the group)....

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Young Canadian Did Not Know How Much Bentyl Can You Take With Alcohol Consumption

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FIDENA Festival first days, in Bochum, Germany

From 16 to 24 May 2014, the Festival Der Figurentheater Nationen, better known as FIDENA, is taking place in Bochum, in the Ruhr area, the industrial heart of Germany. It is one of the largest festivals held in the Germany and is, without a doubt, one of the most important in Europe. I had the opportunity of attending as an observer, at the invitation of the NRW Kultur Ruhr, an institution responsible for promoting and connecting local culture with the rest of the world. Image of “Mystery Magnet”, by Miet Warlop. Photo by Reinout Hiel The FIDENA Festival is...

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