Author: Toni Rumbau

Puppetry News – Gary Friedman’s online magazine

I had the opportunity in Chengdu to meet Gary Friedman, a veteran South African puppeteer who lives in Australia, editor of the well-known Puppetry News. Gary performed at the Chengdu Festival with his show “World of Paper.” Interested as we both are in cooperating, he did an interview with me (which you can see here) with his video camera, and we talked at length about puppets, China, the Festival … Gary Friedman – UNIMA Award for ‘Best Creativity’ at the closing ceremony in Chengdu, China 3 June 2012. Fhoto Gary Friedman. This time I had no video camera with...

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Cuba and Tolosa to host the next UNIMA meetings

We announced a few days ago that, in the voting that took place in Chengdu, Tolosa was the city chosen to host the UNIMA Congress in 2016. However, it was not known until the last day which was the city chosen to hold the Council Meeting, – an event which UNIMA celebrates two years after each Congress -, in 2014. Sofia in Bulgaria, and Matanzas in Cuba were the candidate cities. The option chosen, by the new Executive Committee, was Matanzas, Cuba. Ivan Raykov during the presentation of the candidacy of Sofia, Bulgaria. Photo Jim Tobia These decisions, of...

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Puppets in China or the exuding of energy

“Fabulous display” is the best way to define the World Puppet Festival in Chengdu that took place alongside the UNIMA Congress. Not only because of the huge number of shows involved – exactly 101 different puppet shows -, but also of theatres, of the number of people in some of the companies, and the vast size of some of the venues involved. The international presence was huge, with representatives from almost every country in the world of most puppeteering significance, which also meant significant logistical deployment. If one takes into account that the Festival not only took place in...

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Dadi Pudumjee and Jacques Trudeau continue as President and Secretary of UNIMA

Yesterday 18 members of the Executive Committee of UNIMA were elected and this morning votes will take place  for the distribution of the positions. We anticipate, however, that the President and the General Secretary will be handled by Dadi Pudumjee and Jacques Trudeau, respectively, as no further nominations for the two positions. And while yesterday it was clear that San Sebastián-Tolosa will be the venue for the new Congress of UNIMA 2016, it remains to resolve which city will be responsible for organizing the small Congress in 2014. The two nominations are Matanzas, Cuba, and Sofia, Bulgaria. The result...

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Impressive Opening Ceremony of the World Festival of Chengdu

Time to talk today about the impressive opening ceremony which took place in the Park of the International Intangible Cultural Heritage, a huge leisure area in which the people of Chengdu often go on Sundays and on which stand several striking buildings for exhibitions, markets craft, stalls selling drinks, and where are displayed temporarily part of the pieces from the new Museum of Puppetry of the city, still under construction. And I call it “impressive” because that was the comunal feeling for all viewers that filled the vast square in the center of the park. Flanked by local resident...

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