Author: Toni Rumbau

The meeting in Chengdu has begun

One of the world events that the puppeteers are set every four years, in addition to the festivals held regularly in almost every city in the world, the Charleville being the most renowned, is the UNIMA World Congress, which this year comes to his 21th edition. For the first time held in an Asian country , China took the lead proposing Chengdu, a city little known but of crucial importance, since it is the logistic, tourist and industrial center most relevant to inland China. Capital of Sichuan Province in southwest China, has an urban population of about 14 million...

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From Cuba to China

Allow me to refer in this op-ed space to two specific places that present to us worlds and perspectives that are far apart and very different from each another: Cuba and China. I have just come back, in fact, from a long journey to the Caribbean island, long ago in Spanish hands, where I attended the Tenth International Puppet Workshop in Matanzas, and then spent a few days in Havana. And as happens to any Spaniard (and Catalan, furthermore) who goes to Cuba, I was overwhelmed by an avalanche of feelings in which history, city, culture, landscape and people...

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Spring Festivals and Festivities

It is well known that spring gets into the blood. The same thing happens in the world of puppets, sensitive as they are to those changes of temperature which bring calendars to a halt and provoke a need for celebration in humans. In Catholic countries, it is now Holy Week, in which the black colour of death and the purple of the penitents declare the season’s change and the coming of the moment when nature will once again shine in all its splendor. In Spain, in Andalusia and the Valencian coastal region, paganism ensures the survival of these ancient...

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Punch’s 350th Anniversary coming soon, and War Horse still a hit in London

Very soon, in the merry month of May, one of the events that puppeteers all around the world are most looking forward to will take place: Mr. Punch’s 350th anniversary. Preparations for a party are underway, and the celebrations will, furthermore, host the highest concentration of Professors ever known. Although there are other characters equally long-lived as our London friend, few have survived with such tenacity and incredible energy as Punch, who has ever more adepts not only in England and the UK, but also in the United States, Australia, South Africa, and even Holland, (Neville Tranter recently created...

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Interview with Ety Fefer

Between 10th November and 4th December, 2011, a unique and curious exhibition was held in Lima (Perú), in the Sala Luís Miró Quesada Garland. Entitled “Warriors, Monsters and Beasts”, it showed work by Ety Fefer and José Tola, and was unique not only because of the nature of the exhibits, (puppets in glass cases, that move on their own), but also because it was a collaboration between the young Ety Fefer, known for her work with mobile dolls, and known also as “mother” of The Grumildos – a family of beings that inhabit changing, cabaret-style spaces, straight out of...

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