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Latest news from UNIMA Women’s Commission

<!--:en-->Latest news from UNIMA Women’s Commission<!--:-->

In Cuba President of the Women’s Comission Tamiko Onagi finally met with the winner of first Encouragement Award of the Women’s Commission Carmen Cárdenas (Bolivia, Títeres Elwaky). Due to the grant award, Carmen’s son, Bayardo Loredo, was able to study puppetry in Argentina for three months at the school headed by Tito Lorefice. Tamiko Onagi in Cuba during councillors meeting. The commission is heading to a strong future. Puppeteers, writers and designers who are looking for support … Read entire article »

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Punch & Judy celebrate in Jerusalem

<!--:en-->Punch & Judy celebrate in Jerusalem<!--:-->

Puppetring is happy to pronounce the birth of Pinchas & Ruti, the Israeli cousins of Punch and Judy. As a graduate from the Hamama course, Ariel Doron started looking for the Israeli Punch and his partner. The Punch he created is called Pinchas and his partner, Ruti; they are pioneers who founded the country and a local camel helps them. Since Israel has no tradition in puppet theaters, the puppets need to be created from … Read entire article »

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Breaking news: Jan Klaassen is back in town

<!--:en-->Breaking news: Jan Klaassen is back in town<!--:-->

After years of absence Jan Klaassen finally returns to the heart of the Dutch capital. This ‘national heritage’ of Amsterdam’s puppet culture can again be seen on Dam Square – where it belongs as an integral part of the city – in front of the Palace and the New Church. There is much support for this nearly 120 year-old tradition. On Sunday and Wednesday afternoons in the spring and summer of 2012, several versions of … Read entire article »

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Noriko Nishimoto receives award from the UNIMA Women’s Commission in Chengdu

<!--:en-->Noriko Nishimoto receives award from the UNIMA Women’s Commission in Chengdu<!--:-->

One of the most exciting moments of the Congress of UNIMA was the award ceremony of the Women ‘s Commission to the Japanese puppeteer Noriko Nishimoto installed for years in Australia. The time of delivery was magnificently solemnized by Tamiko Onagi and Darja de Caluwe, both dressed in an elegant Japanese kimono. In short and exciting words, Tamiko Onagi read the agreement of the Women’s Commission to award the veteran puppeteer closely related to the … Read entire article »

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‘Punch & Judy in Afghanistan’

<!--:en-->‘Punch & Judy in Afghanistan’<!--:-->

Punch may be different, such as theater magician Neville Tranter shows with his newest production ‘Punch & Judy in Afghanistan’. In this small stage-show in the old Guignol style, Tranter manages to give his audience laughter and food for thought simultaneously. A real must-see-show! —Nigel, a puppeteer, has come to Afghanistan to entertain the allied troops. His assistant, Emile, wants to make a sightseeing trip on top of a camel. The flashlight of Nigel’s camera … Read entire article »

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Noriko Nishimoto: UNIMA Women’s Commission Award

<!--:en-->Noriko Nishimoto: UNIMA Women’s Commission Award<!--:-->

We are happy to announce that master puppeteer Noriko Nishimoto wins one of the highest international awards in the world of puppetry. The UNIMA Women’s Commission will acknowledge Noriko’s outstanding international Contribution to Puppetry at the 21st UNIMA World Congress and Puppet Festival in Chengdu, China in May 2012. Noriko was involved with Australian Spare Parts Puppet Theatre for 19 years, beginning in 1981 when she was invited from Japan as guest artist in the … Read entire article »

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Damiet van Dalsum makes Awards for Women’s Commission

<!--:en-->Damiet van Dalsum makes Awards for Women’s Commission<!--:-->

Puppeteer van Dalsum got a special assignement by the UNIMA Women’s Commission: to create two special awards. The figures, objects and decors of Damiët van Dalsum are made to represent stories, to arouse illusions and to create an imaginary world in which children, and sometimes adults as well, can lose themselves. They are not meant to be shown as autonomous art objects. Besides their remarkable theatrical qualities, the puppets have a visual power of their own. … Read entire article »

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