Month: March 2012

Interview with Ety Fefer

Between 10th November and 4th December, 2011, a unique and curious exhibition was held in Lima (Perú), in the Sala Luís Miró Quesada Garland. Entitled “Warriors, Monsters and Beasts”, it showed work by Ety Fefer and José Tola, and was unique not only because of the nature of the exhibits, (puppets in glass cases, that move on their own), but also because it was a collaboration between the young Ety Fefer, known for her work with mobile dolls, and known also as “mother” of The Grumildos – a family of beings that inhabit changing, cabaret-style spaces, straight out of...

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Madagascar: Quel Bazar!

“Quel Bazar!” (What chaos!) is the title of the show presented in 2011 at the International Puppet Festival in Charleville Mezières, by Cie Kel’Bazar of Madagascar. The intention of this show is to describe, in a entertaining way, an island that is constantly ignored by the Western media and which is the victim of political appetites that, for many years now, have prevented its people from taking full advantage of the island’s natural resources and of their own incredible vitality. Kel’Bazar is the first professional Malagasy puppet company that has been able to produce a show for a renowned,...

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Mireya’s memories

I have in my hands the photograph on the invitation from the Mexican Fine Arts Institute to the act of homage offered recently to Mireya Cuetos for her seventy years as a puppeteer: Mireya, in black and white, young and seated amongst flowers, smiles in profile in a garden which her son, Pablo Cueto, – another fascinating character with a long career in the world of animated objects and theatre in miniature -, will later tell me belonged to Trotsky’s house in Mexico. After Trotsky’s death, Mireya would go to that garden of long-leaved plants and talk with his...

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Join us, Participate, Push!

Today, March 21, 2012, at 12 noon we present, in the framework of the TOT Festival in the Pueblo Español (Spanish Village) of Barcelona, our new, triple magazine. This public presentation is directed at the press, puppeteers and all who are interesed in the world of puppetry. It’s only a month since we leapt into the arena, and we can say that Puppetring and its two sister sites Putxinel·li and Titeresante have had a good response. A few days “up and running” that have been indispensable for understanding the rhythms and the challenges of a magazine such as this;...

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TOT Festival in pictures

Puppetry and animation theater is a 100% visual art, so we are glad to offer a selection of pictures showing some good moments at the TOT Festival in Barcelona last weekend. We start this first slide show with some some of the street shows, most of them belonging to the off-TOT section. However, it also includes some important moments: the opening show by the Polish company Bialostocki Teatr Lalek, the celebration of the World Puppet Day, with Joan Baixas, and Saturday night show Les coses de la vida, by Trastam Teatre. To read the entire chronicle of the weekend...

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