The art of puppetry – the roots of which go back to the very origins of the human species -, together with its specific techniques and practice, are today expanding and becoming enriched with input from many disciplines with a common goal: to address the idea of complexity through the synthesis of art. The greater the complexity, the more need for synthesis. But a synthesis genuinely capable of speaking about the complex, of playing with the extraordinary multiplicity of objects and figurative representations. For this reason, Puppetring proposes three main categories within the Training section, plus a fourth dedicated to courses on offer around the world:

Visitors can find their way via the following  Tags:

  • String puppets                    
  • Glove puppets              
  • Shadow theatre
  • Other materials                  
  • Objects                          
  • Dramaturgies
  • Robotics                              
  • Automata                      
  • Mechanical theatre
  • Therapy                                
  • Amateur