Month: November 2012

Digital shadow theatre for smart phones and tablets

The Turkish corporation Anakule has developed the first puppet application for iPhone and Android system devices. Although there are other digital animation apps for smart phones, this is the first in the world dedicated exclusively to puppets. It is very simple to use: puppets move through the accelerometer of the device, so users can animate their characters just by moving the smart phone or tablet. This is quite a new concept of manipulation that even changes how we understand the puppet show itself —so maybe this is the reason why Anakule designers have been considered a puppet company and...

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Barcelona, a Capital of puppets?

Can we consider Barcelona as an important puppetry capital? I believe the answer can be “yes”, even if of course some explainations are needed. In the last years we are living a clear expansion of this type of theatre, which seems very clear from the increase of the number of premieres and new puppeteers —an unseen situation since a long time ago. This movement is essential to make statements like the answer I just wrote at the beginning, but still there are some points we should list to develop our arguments. These could be like the following: 1. Barcelona...

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