Month: August 2013

On the conjuring up of creatures

My doubts about whether to offer this article for publication have been assuaged by the thought that in the British press, and some other English language media, the summer holiday period has long been known as the “silly season”.  With two more days of August still available I’ll take the proverbial bull by the horns and will leave it to Puppetring’s editorial team to decide whether or not to give what follows an airing. “Mask at the Lion King Museum”. Photo by Shawn Ashley – from flickr. This is a prequel to another article I intend to write of...

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“La Marionnette: Un espace intermédiaire au cœur des conflits”. Atelier de Karim Dakroub à Barcelone. Jours 18, 19 et 20 de Novembre de 2013.

Puppetring propose un atelier de Marionnette de 3 jours de durée avec le directeur, le marionnettiste et le spécialiste en Thérapie et Marionnette, le libanais Karim Dakroub, sur l’aplication du théâtre de marionnettes comme outil de médiation dans les situations de conflits et de traumatismes, suivant une approche psychosociale basée sur la communication verbale et non-verbale dans un espace de sécurité pour rétablir le rôle social de l’individu. Le travail sur le temps, le lieu et le lien aura lieu à travers les marionnettes. Cet outil d’expression universel met en jeu l’art visuel, l’art dramatique et l’interaction des niveaux...

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Barcelona, a city of puppets according to the Washington Post

The Washington Post published in July this year 2013 an excellent article written by journalist Maya Kroth, entitled “In Barcelona, puppetry on the rise” (see article here), in which Barcelona appears as a city where puppets have presence increasingly important. The article talks about the different Catalan traditions of glove and street puppets, as well as the vitality of today puppeteers in everyday life and especially city night. As Maya Kroth says: ” At first, I wrote off this impromptu puppet show as nothing more than a kooky one-off, another random occurrence in bohemian Barcelona. But when a second...

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Hidden Treasures at the Northwest Puppet Center

The Northwest Puppet Center in Seattle, Washington is a charming space dedicated to promoting and supporting the puppet arts, not only staging performances in their center, but also preserving old and modern puppets from all over the world. However, the historic exhibit they have available is only a small part of the vast collection they own. Their puppets were donated by different sources, and one donorin particular: Alan Cook, who has devoted his life to studying and collecting puppets, gathering over 5,000 of them. Now most of Cook’s collection rests at the Northwest Puppet Center.Some are already on display,...

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