Month: November 2016

Barcelona, a string-puppetry capital

In recent years Barcelona has become a veritable String Capital, not the most important in Europe, of course, but of growing significance in terms of the number of highly prestigious string puppeteers who live in the city, as well as of young professionals who are starting out in this branch of puppetry. This is apparent in international festivals of the genre, which increasingly feature artists from Barcelona [1]. Harry V. Tozer and his skeleton marionette. We have to go back to the beginning of the eighteenth century to find the first home-grown Barcelona string puppeteers, such as the members...

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Hetty Paërl, honorary member of UNIMA since 30 May 2016, by Frans Hakkemars and Paul Custers

On Monday 30 May 2016, Hetty Paërl – cheerful, versatile, driven and above all modest -, was awarded honorary membership of the UNIMA by the international UNIMA board: a good reason for an interview with this artist. Besides being an illustrator, painter and musician, she is also a writer of a great many books on puppetry. Her specialty is Jan Klaassen and his pedigree across Europe. The interview shows Hetty Paërl, born on 16 June 1931 in Wijhe, to be a woman who is fond of laughter, apparently sharing this art of living with Jan Klaassen’s British cousin, Punch:...

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