Author: Yanisbel Martínez

Puppet theatre in Cuba, between decline and hope (Part 1)

The history of puppet theatre in Cuba is very young and at its core has a bitter taste. In contrast to other countries with long puppet traditions, in ours the art of animation began to be practiced professionally in the middle of the twentieth century. Before that, puppets in Cuba were simply a form of entertainment for schools, fairs and popular festivals, something rustic and improvised. An important event occured, however: a visit by the Italian company Teatro dei Piccolli —directed by Vittorio Podrecca— in the 1930’s, which caused a strong impression among artists and theatre people. From the...

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The fascinating Alexandre Expedition

It would be quite possible to recount the history of theatre and theatrical arts from the point of view of journeys. In every period and civilisation, theatre, like culture as a whole, has travelled more or less visibly or secreted amongst ideologies and spices, between people and precious materials. Puppets, objects of a naturally nomadic nature, have journeyed there and back on many occasions, crossing continents and seas. Chiwara, Hanuman, Polichinella or Karagoz are veterans of those immeasurable routes, by camel, boat, horse, car, aeroplane… In the 60’s of the past century a fascinating and pioneering experiment happened, which...

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