The Puppeteer of Roquetas Association is in the c / Romaní, n. 6 (Toni i Guida Center) in Barcelona and we are there every first Monday of the month at 19:00h.

Associació de Titellaires de Roquetes

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  • Our Association wants to promote coexistence and citizenship from the promotion of traditional and popular culture in Roquetas, puppet making a real backbone to prevent cultural conflicts.


  • We want to build a project which allows to expand opportunities for education and social intervention, and encourage the creation of a network of people who use their free time doing cultural asset with puppets. We want the use of urban spaces in the neighborhood (squares and streets of Roquetas) for working with social cohesion, putting on one stage social and cultural realities representative of the population of Roquetas. We want to promote different activities (workshops, performances, lectures, exhibitions …) for teaching purposes to introduce the possibilities of puppet theater. We want to foster a common calendar among the facilities of the neighborhood to promote this art. We offer a meeting -Ton i Guida Cultural Center- for anyone who wants to train, produce or generate activity around the world of puppets. We visit festivals in Catalonia to train people who are leading the project. We want to influence the artistic remodeling of the Plaza of the Puppeteers to become a dynamic space of our project. We want to take steps to get a stable seat of our Association that allows to offer services related to the puppets in the neighborhood of Roquetas. We want to make the neighborhood citizen Roquetas is a benchmark in the art of puppetry.
  • ¡We want, we want!
  • And since 2006, we promote The Puppet Festival of Roquetes, better known as The Titellada. Program is the last week of September and fill the streets and neighborhood cultural of performances, workshops, exhibitions … and the tributes that year after year the trajectory of a marionette company active.