Binixiflat, Puppet Theatre


Director: Biel Porcel
– Avda.Panagall,7 baixos
– Arenys de Munt 08358 (Barcelona)
– Catalunya
– Tel +34 93 795 07 15
– Mob. +34 670 092 933

Binixiflat is a professional puppet theater founded by Biel Porcel in Mallorca and refounded in Arenys de Munt (Barcelona) in 1985. Looking for research in the field of visual theater, objects and figures, we took theater, illusion and feast everywhere we go.

Last show: REPORT LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD. Peter Flash, TV-Puppet. Peter Flash surprises us all with an interesting story of investigative journalism in the dark forest of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. What really happened? Is it true what has reached us through the popular legends? Was the wolf so bad and Little Red Riding Hood so naive? All responses to: “Report LRH”