Picture from “Els tres óssos”

  • Founded in 1973, L’estaquirot Teatre is a company that first and foremost creates shows for a family audience. They combine the humour and expressiveness of the actors’ language with the magic and spontaneity of that of the puppets, always creating a puppet-actor relationship that lends strength and rhythm to the performance. These are features that lead the audience to be immediately captivated by the stories that the company act out.
  • Through all these years of uninterrupted work, L’estaquirot Teatre has been constantly researching puppet techniques, from both a visual and expressive point of view.
  • All of this has resulted in more than 6.000 performances with 38 different shows, starting with street shows and acrobatics in the early days, taking in glove puppetry – the company created the Travelling Puppet Theatre in 1981, a small marquee holding 130 people that went to more than 40 cities in the country – and finally establishing itself with shows that combine actors, puppets and moving objects. This is the combination that it currently works with and has performed with at a great many festivals in Europe and Asia.
  • At the company’s workshop in Vilanova i la Geltrú, there is currently a small theatre where schoolchildren can go to see performances of the company’s shows or go on guided tours, during which they can watch and experience the process of making the puppets and the material for the shows.