Pasta de Papel – Paper Clay

Pasta de Papel

Paper Clay is a project with the slogan “Imagine, design, build. Craft techniques to create objects with paper and cardboard.”

  • Its operational base is the blog

  • What do you want to build? Puppets, marionettes, toy theatres, paper theaters … Workshops and tutorials step by step.

  • The offer of services and products is specifically courses and workshops for educators (teachers, instructors).

  • If you have any suggestions to collaborate in other ways, come on.

  • Both the blog and the workshops are for people who want to build and want others to build, with ideas and willingness to devote time to master each technique. For people who aims to achieve works of great artistic and technical quality. The Paper Clay mission is to provide detailed projects, tested and adapted, to be the basis of your own projects for building with paper and cardboard.

  • Who’s behind Paper Pulp?

  • My name is Alicia Pueyo and I am the author of the blog

  • I define myself like: Mother, I have a daughter and a son. Paper Modeler first as a hobby, I now know that by vocation. Teacher by profession, since 1996 I have worked at the Institute Rubió i Tudurí, Gardening School of Barcelona where, among other things, I have trained my students to do landscaping projects. Today I enjoy a license. Gardening Technician, BA in Biology and Multimedia Graduate by training. Artist, storyteller, puppeteer as a hobby. Catalan, I was born and live in Barcelona.