Periferia Teatro


  • .Periferia Teatro is dedicated since 1989 to research and knowledge Puppet Theatre. We want to provide our audience, children, a wide and careful selection of fantasy, with which they can identify. To do this we create shows that both the topic and the dynamics of the proposal, the spectator become an active part of the representation
  • Periferia Teatro productions have their own literary script, allowing them to combine reflection and fun with new arguments from everyday child today.
  • The company is professionally engaged at Puppet Theatre Children from its beginnings, and to date have produced the following shows: DDT, Payaso, Volatines, Viaje al corazón de la tierra, Laberinto, Alas de Papel, Pingüin , Pocosueño y Guyi Guyi.
  • Periferia Teatro has participated in numerous national and international festivals and is present in most children’s theater schedules.

Last shows:

  • Alas de papel
  • Pocosueño
  • Pingüin
  • Guyi-Guyi