Teia Monner


  • Teia Moner is known for its innovation in the performing arts and professional rigor. Talent, skill, effort and courage characterized his work, always nonconformist, diverse and looking for new forms of aesthetic expression.
  • Some performances are played with shadows, others bunrakus, some have a realistic scenery, others a minimalist set design … and so on keeps changing formats depending on the intrinsic needs of each work.
  • In these runs she uses different communication codes: manipulation of objects and puppets, magic, working actor, song, mime …
  • Interested in deepening the relationship can have an art with other artistic field, she she struggles to get genuine and surprising effects. This fact has been recognized several times in the shape of awards and prizes.
  • In the shows she uses to collaborate with professionals from different fields of art, to obtain a product of high artistic quality.
  • Creative concerns are so extensive that she has not an unique audience. Some works are aimed at families, some young, others for adults. His creative power has not ceased to flow ever.
  • She also works as a teacher and teacher educator in the field of therapy and puppets. In Spain she is the representative of the FIMS (World Federation of Puppet and Health), and organized jointly with the University of Barcelona, ​​the International Conference on Education and Puppets.
  • She is also artistic director of DAMA (International Festival of Magic Ladies) in Terrassa, a only magic festival of women in the world.