Titiriguada, Festival Internacional de Títeres y Teatro Total (Guadalajara, España).


Titiriguada, International Puppet Festival and Total Theatre which takes place in Guadalajara (Spain) since 2007 brings together and supports young contemporary creation in the world of puppet: string, rod, gloves, shadow, with the body, object theater, ltlle puppet theatre. ..

Under our surname festival “Total Theatre” we offers also a varied and extensive selection of shows: street theater, theater for babies, traveling music, dance, circus, physical theater and visual, games and workshops … A great scene of artistic expressions by staging national and international companies. We love the unusual, quality, freshness and magic!

Los Jardines del Infantado, dating from the fifteenth century, a mythical, magical and theatrical in itself, is the venue chosen to host the different editions of Titiriguada, inviting you to travel and transport you to another reality, where immersed in a fantasy world . Our goal is to advance and grow as a festival that brings together the ingenuity and creativity. Promoting innovative approaches in all areas and for all audiences. Each year the Cia. Gozarte have a new show to premiere at the festival. In this way, we support (co-produce) the theatrical creation in our city.

Titiriguada not would be the same without his faithful puppetry-workers, large group of actors, writers, directors, artisans, graphic designers, musicians, technicians … without which it would be not possible this annual celebration of theater.

We are waiting  for you!