Zipit Company

  • Glòria Arrufat Carrasco
  • C/Gosch 9 08391 Tiana (Barcelona) Espanya
  • facebook: ZiPit Company
    • Zipit Company are Glòria Arrufat and Paulette St. Martin, two young artists with a background as a puppeteers, actors, costume designers and creators who have come together to give birth Monsters, our first show. Glòria Arrufat from 2006 focuses his artistic career in puppetry and storytelling. She travels and works in Scotland with the Cia. The Puppet Lab
    • She creates her own Company: Plum with Lidia Clua Theatre, working with glove puppets and table, both for family and adult audiences. Another shows created were Sant Jordi (2007), which has toured in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Luxembourg. Her last production in 2010, Roxane and Cyrano, memories of an absence, is an adaptation of the classic Cyrano de Bergerac. Similarly, in 2006 entered the Cia. Herta Frankel, at Tibidabo, where she manioulated historical marionettes. Get training masterful with Stephen Mottram at the International Institute of Marionette in Charleville (2009)
    • Paulette St. Martin, born in Chile, traveled to Spain to train as a Puppeteer and satisfy their artistic interests. It is inspired by Mariona Masgrau, Pepe Otal Puppet Workshop, and Cia. Jordi Bertran, and the result of their learning with these professionals in the world of Puppets in 2009 presents the show “The Foradat hat”, her first creation made by herself. She has been formed with René Becker, professor of the Theatre Institute, and made the course Actor face ao Objeto given by Agnes Limbo in the Puppet Center in Lisbon.