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The Institut Ramon Llull‘s mission is to promote Catalan language and culture internationally, in all of its variations and methods of expression.

In order to accomplish this task, it carries out the following activities:

a)  Foster Catalan language classes in universities and other centers of higher learning, placing special emphasis on the study and research of Catalan language and culture beyond its linguistic domain.

b)  Promote the teaching of Catalan to the general public beyond the linguistic domain.

c)  Broaden the familiarization with Catalan literature on an international level by encouraging and supporting translations into other languages and corresponding promotional activities for such works when deemed appropriate.

d)  Contribute to the international dissemination of works of philosophy, nonfiction and research by providing encouragement and support for translations into other languages, organizing meetings, seminars and exchange programs and other activities towards the advancement of the Catalan academic, intellectual and scientific community abroad.

e) Promote and provide support to international Catalan societies in their initiatives, projects and activities.

f)  Further the international impact of Catalan visual arts through the use of appropriate promotional strategies and activities, encourage the internationalization of outstanding artistic work, provide aid towards the exposure of artists and artwork abroad and broaden the international awareness of Catalonia’s artistic patrimony.

g)  Promote collaborations, projects and joint initiatives with institutions and organizations dedicated to the diffusion of Catalan culture, whether within the boundaries of the linguistic domain or without; placing a special emphasis on the homologous institutions of other counties or cultures.

The IRL carries out its activities in the Language and Universities, Creation and Literature and the Humanities areas

ramon Llull.

Ramon Llull, illuminatad in Randa, and teaching at the Sorbone













ramon Llull

Page of the Lullian manuscript Ars magna generalis ultima in Karlsruhe, in which Ramon Llull dictates doctrine.