Museu da Marioneta de LisboaMuseu da Marioneta de Lisboa.
Convento das Bernardas – Rua da Esperança, n° 146, 1200-660 Lisboa. Tel: +351 213 942 810.
Directora: Maria José Machado Santos.

Since November 2001, the Puppet Museum is located in the Convento das Bernardas, and is the first and only museum space in  Portugal entirely devoted to the interpretation and dissemination of the history of puppetry and of the puppet theater. By following the history of this fascinating artistic manifestation throughout the world, the Museum presents the different types of puppets and all their possibilities, while paying a special attention to the Portuguese puppet.

The museum’s collection has gradually expanded and diversified in order to illustrate the different theatrical forms derived either from ancient traditions or emerging from contemporary artistic pursuits that explore new forms, new materials and new techniques. This expansion has only been possible through the participation of a number of personalities, authors, collectors and puppeteers who, together with us, has supported this project and have provided an invaluable contribution to it by giving some of their works of art. The Museum is accordingly very thankful to all of them

In the first phase of the Museum, the focus was on the Portuguese and we were truly proud of having been able to to join together one of the most significant and comprehensive collections of Portuguese traditional puppets.

Since the end of 2008, we have opened our doors to all the world by receiving, on deposit, a unique and vast exhibition of Southeast Asia and African puppets and masks from the collector Francisco Capelo.

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