Month: December 2013

Toast pour un Noël marionnettiste et un 2014 double

Marionnettes et Noël ont toujours eu une bonne relation, en particulier dans les pays européens. Pas étonnant, il est dit que le mot marionnette vient du nom de Marionne (petite Marie en français), quand on représentait la Nativité à l’église dans les premiers temps, puis à l’extérieur. En effet, dans certaines parties de la Péninsule Ibérique ont célèbre encore la Fête de Noël avec des figures articulées, telles que l’église de Santa María de los Reyes, dans la région de la Rioja de Álava, qui montre ces jours une crèche baroque en mouvement (voir l’article de Maryse Badiou dans...

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The noise after the simposium ‘Putxinel·li, myth, tradition and modernity’

By now it is no longer news that the Putxinel·li Symposium between the mite, the tradició the contemporaneïtat i included in the centenary of the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona, ​​it was a success. The attendees, who filled the auditorium of IT, actively participated in the review, anthropological means, artistic medium and somewhat futuristic character Pulcinella . Desede its origin to some of its most important branches, it became clear that the presence of latent character in Europe and the Middle East is a human manifestation of radicalism, of individual and collective self. From Punch magazine and also on...

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Arabic Shadow Theater, by Karim Dakroub

The beginnings. According to the Turkish scholar “Metin And”, shadow theater moved to Turkey from Egypt in the 16th century after Sultan Selim 1st conquered Egypt in 1517. Ibn Ayass, the Arabic historian, narrates in his work, Badai’ az Zouhour[1], that Sultan Selim watched at the Rawda Palace a shadow play depicting the assassination of the deposed Mamluk Sultan, he called on the puppeteer and bestowed his graces on him. He then said to him: “When we go to Istanbul, you shall come with us so my son can watch and enjoy your show”. Karim Dakroub, at the Simposium...

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The Czech Theatre Forman Brothers exhibition in Silkeborg: Theatre in Movement, people and Puppets on Stage

How do the internationally renowned theatre artists from Prague create an impression based on theatre traditions as well as modern artistic effects? How does the combination of process and relationship work for them as a travelling theatre?  This are the quetions raised by the exhibition created by Matej Forman and his  Froman Brothers Crew, at the KunsCentret Silkeborg Bad, during the last Festival of Wonder. From 21th September to 5th january 2014. Article by Iben From and Ulla Dengsøe. Josef Sodomkas’ collage is a picture of movement and the eternal journey in theatre, as well as the theatre room...

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