Author: Cesc Martínez

The Forman Brothers in Santes Creus Monastery

During two weeks, fourteen artists and six members of the Forman Brothers Company team were woking on a workshop in Santes Creus Monastery, 35 kilometers inland from Tarragona, Catalonia. It was scheduled and coordinated by Atelier della Luna, an organization aimed to offer masterclasses, courses and workshops to artists from different disciplines —but mainly performing arts— in Italy and Catalonia. Their purpose is to set these in places that provide a unique inspiration to the participants while trained by accredited artists. So was the case of this last workshop. Santes Creus was a former Cistercian monastery that can be...

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Movement and forms between puppetry and circus

Puppetry and circus have more in common than we think. It’s about movement and signification —the way both scenic disciplines find their true expression. Of course, there are many differences: while the puppeteer animates objects, the acrobat, the juggler and the balance artist perform acts that go beyond the usual limits of the human body and take a risk for it. But in some modern circus productions, artists use their props as living creatures. They animate them, interact with them in a very similar way of some puppeteers. That’s been seen during the festival Circ d’Ara Mateix (Circus Today)...

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The noise after the simposium ‘Putxinel·li, myth, tradition and modernity’

By now it is no longer news that the Putxinel·li Symposium between the mite, the tradició the contemporaneïtat i included in the centenary of the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona, ​​it was a success. The attendees, who filled the auditorium of IT, actively participated in the review, anthropological means, artistic medium and somewhat futuristic character Pulcinella . Desede its origin to some of its most important branches, it became clear that the presence of latent character in Europe and the Middle East is a human manifestation of radicalism, of individual and collective self. From Punch magazine and also on...

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Puppetring, year one

Puppetring is a year old. One challenge, the hardest perhaps, has been met: to survive the first twelve months without dying in the attempt. However, as well as managing that, we believe we have laid the foundations for what should be a very satisfactory webpage about the art of puppets. Without falling into childish boasting but also avoiding false modesty, in these twelve months we have published some 500 articles between Puppetring, Titeresante and Putxinel·li, which comes to about 1.5 articles a day, all being centralised in our Facebook page. Puppetring, intended to connect different puppeteering realities from all...

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How to use object theatre, by Christian Carrignon

If you never had the chance to see Christian Carrignon’s conference-show about object theatre, you may think this is a too wide topic. In fact, Carrignon himself starts his conference saying he is going to talk about his own experience rather than all this scenic form in general, because, he ironizes, “no one knows what it is”. Carrignon is the artistic director of the company Théâtre de Cuisine with more than 30 years as a puppeteer. Although anyone can see this conference or a part of it on internet (see it on this same article), it is worthy to...

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