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Damiet van Dalsum makes Awards for Women’s Commission

Puppeteer van Dalsum got a special assignement by the UNIMA Women’s Commission: to create two special awards. The figures, objects and decors of Damiët van Dalsum are made to represent stories, to arouse illusions and to create an imaginary world in which children, and sometimes adults as well, can lose themselves. They are not meant to be shown as autonomous art objects. Besides their remarkable theatrical qualities, the puppets have a visual power of their own. It’s not easy to say what their attraction is. They’re made of almost nothing – pieces of cardboard, wire and feathers, chance objects...

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Ten years of Museum da Marioneta in Lisbon

It does not happen every day that a museum dedicated to the art of puppetry turns ten. To celebrate this, the director of the Museu da Marionetain Lisbon, Maria Jose Machado Santos, presented a beautiful book bringing together texts, especially witnesses and many images, that gives an idea of ​​the activity been carried out in this time, virtually covering all of the art of puppets. As the director says in her Introduction, the Museum grew from its initial collection of 410 puppets and masks to around 2,000 pieces today, not counting the altarpieces, tools and documents that constitute the...

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