Author: Toni Rumbau


Is it really possible to make a show comprising seven stories, each lasting seven minutes, directed by seven directors from seven different countries? David Zuazola, a Chilean puppeteer who lives in Madrid, has taken the number 7 as the organising principle of his new project. Magical and spellbinding, a sacred numeral that many believe to be at the heart of the organisation of the Universe! The universe that Zuazola explores is personal, plumbing depths that are always murky and painful, in which memories, betrayals, deception and bullying are heard; babbling, through fragments of frozen time that orbit like meteorites...

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Sir Pendulum and the suitcase of 2018

We tend to experience the arrival of each new year as though we had stepped on to a staircase going in one direction, that of biological time marking growth, maturity and decrepitude. And, certainly, for the majority of people the years circulate along this curve, from birth to death. For Western societies, since the Modern era led us to believe in progress, years always proceed along the straight line from less to more, from worse to better. For millionaires and businessmen, the line rises, too, in the direction of the heavens, in pursuit of the highest possible numbers and...

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Puppets and Bridges

(Devil’s Bridge -Rakotzbrücke- in Kromlauer Park, Gablenz, Germany. Photograph by Kilian Schönberger.) Catalonia, as everyone knows, is going through delicate and confusing times. At Puppetring, and its sister magazines Putxinelli and Titeresante, we are particularly interested in building bridges, never in destroying them. Puppetry and other associated arts are fundamentally cosmopolitan, mestizo (of mixed race) and integrative. As we have said in this magazine on previous occasions, puppet theatre allows us to realise the following paradox: to create unity through distance. From this perspective, differences are the spice of life; only when they are accepted can they function as...

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‘Identitats’ (Identities), by Rocamora Teatre

At last, we were able to watch at the Teatre de Ponent in Granollers, a performance of the new show IDENTITATS (Identities) by Carles Cañellas and Susanna Rodriguez of the Rocamora Teatre Company. An enormous challenge, which both puppeteers, residents in the village of Calders, took upon themselves in order to open this new cycle in their lives. I saw the first steps during the project presentation in San Sebastian at the Unima Congress 2016 in the month of May (see here). I knew about the devilish difficulty that Carles had imposed on himself, and the first thing that...

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Puppets and cities of Catalonia – Part 1 – Barcelona

It is worth looking closely at how puppets are organised in a specific geographical ecosystem, as in Catalonia. A territory with about seven and a half million inhabitants and an area of 32,106.5 km², it is composed of four provinces with their corresponding capitals: Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Lleida and Girona. A region, a country or a territory, it is one of the Autonomous Communities of the Kingdom of Spain; it has a language of its own,Catalan, and a continuing historical tendency defending self-government, or even the maximum autonomy of independence. A region which has traditionally enjoyed great entrepreneurial dynamism given...

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