Author: Toni Rumbau

Interview with Ety Fefer

Between 10th November and 4th December, 2011, a unique and curious exhibition was held in Lima (Perú), in the Sala Luís Miró Quesada Garland. Entitled “Warriors, Monsters and Beasts”, it showed work by Ety Fefer and José Tola, and was unique not only because of the nature of the exhibits, (puppets in glass cases, that move on their own), but also because it was a collaboration between the young Ety Fefer, known for her work with mobile dolls, and known also as “mother” of The Grumildos – a family of beings that inhabit changing, cabaret-style spaces, straight out of...

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Barcelona and the TOT Festival

It seems that Barcelona wants to catch up after a certain decline in puppetry over recent decades. The TOT Festival opened its doors on Friday 16th March. The TOT Festival is organised by the Pueblo Español (Spanish Village), a tourist attraction and centre, which, since its inception has combined arts, crafts, architecture, and activities for families. The Festival is of a modest size but its artistic director is Jacques Trudeau, General Secretary of UNIMA International, gives the event considerable breadth and significance. The TOT Festival enters the void left by the late International Puppet Festival in Barcelona, which, after...

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A New Magazine about Puppets and Object Theatre

To speak of puppetry today is also to speak about visual theatre and the theatre of objects, of performances that play with the duplication of the image and body of the performer without technical or conceptual limits; it is to speak about opera, musicals, experimental theatre, large-scale works, and theatre for the youngest audiences. There are also museums, schools, archives, specialists, and those festivals that have done so much to cultivate and to maintain the genre. We should mention here the backing and faith in our project shown by entities such as TOPIC of Tolosa and their festival Titirijai,...

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“Fantoche” magazine reaches its fifth edition

Fantoche, the magazine published by Unima Federation Spain under the tenacious directorship of Joaquín Hernández, reached its fifth issue in 2011. An enterprise which looks set for a long life ahead, its quality only increases as its field of action expands.. Specifically, in this fifth number the articles and texts published are all highly interesting, and are by a range of authors who excellently represent the wide world of puppetry. To start with the editorial, signed on this occasion by Francisco J. Cornejo, in which the teacher and puppeteer from Seville stands as a spokesperson for the magazine, he...

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Le Grand Macabre, by György Ligeti

Article about the Grand Macabre, by György Ligeti, an opera with a libretto by Ligeti himself and the famous marionettist Michael Meschke, based on an original play by Michel de Ghelderode. Grand Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona. The opera Le Grand Macabre, first performed in Stockholm in April 1978, was presented in a revised version in 1997 in a production by the Fura dels Baus, with stage direction by Àlex Ollé and Valentina Carrasco, and musical direction by Michael Boder. The reason for an article in Puppetring about this full scale opera is none other than the wish to do...

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