I had the opportunity in Chengdu to meet Gary Friedman, a veteran South African puppeteer who lives in Australia, editor of the well-known Puppetry News. Gary performed at the Chengdu Festival with his show “World of Paper.” Interested as we both are in cooperating, he did an interview with me (which you can see here) with his video camera, and we talked at length about puppets, China, the Festival …

Gary Friedman
Gary Friedman – UNIMA Award for ‘Best Creativity’ at the closing ceremony in Chengdu, China 3 June 2012.
Fhoto Gary Friedman.

This time I had no video camera with me but, after chatting with him, I understood his commitment to combine his activity as a puppeteer, (Gary is an old hand who has travelled the world with his puppets), with his journalistic concerns. This has led him to create his website Puppetry News, where he talks about his experiences, meetings, journeys, etc.. It’s a commitment that I understand very well since I have also felt the desire to write about what happens day by day in a puppeteer’s life, full as it is of unusual travels and adventures.

The best introduction to his world is to enter his magazine and take a look around, enjoying articles, interviews, images, comments, useful information, etc..