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Sir Pendulum and the suitcase of 2018

Sir Pendulum and the suitcase of 2018

We tend to experience the arrival of each new year as though we had stepped on to a staircase going in one direction, that of biological time marking growth, maturity and decrepitude. And, certainly, for the majority of people the years circulate along this curve, from birth to death. For Western societies, since the Modern era led us to believe in progress, years always proceed along the straight line from less to more, from worse to … Read entire article »

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Puppets and Bridges

Puppets and Bridges

(Devil’s Bridge -Rakotzbrücke- in Kromlauer Park, Gablenz, Germany. Photograph by Kilian Schönberger.) Catalonia, as everyone knows, is going through delicate and confusing times. At Puppetring, and its sister magazines Putxinelli and Titeresante, we are particularly interested in building bridges, never in destroying them. Puppetry and other associated arts are fundamentally cosmopolitan, mestizo (of mixed race) and integrative. As we have said in this magazine on previous occasions, puppet theatre allows us to realise the following paradox: … Read entire article »

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Toast pour un Noël marionnettiste et un 2014 double

<!--:en-->Toast pour un Noël marionnettiste et un 2014 double<!--:-->

Marionnettes et Noël ont toujours eu une bonne relation, en particulier dans les pays européens. Pas étonnant, il est dit que le mot marionnette vient du nom de Marionne (petite Marie en français), quand on représentait la Nativité à l’église dans les premiers temps, puis à l’extérieur. En effet, dans certaines parties de la Péninsule Ibérique ont célèbre encore la Fête de Noël avec des figures articulées, telles que l’église de Santa María de los … Read entire article »

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Provisional balance: from the old year 2012 to the new year 2013

<!--:en-->Provisional balance: from the old year 2012 to the new year 2013<!--:-->

It is difficult to define 2012. A year of extremes, for us at Puppetring it has been a prodigious year of new experiences and work. Our triple magazine saw the light on 1st March, and from then on its level of activity could be defined as a rhetorical storm, with 450 articles published in its three languages (Catalan, Spanish and English) and a few more in Portuguese and French. It is too early to weigh … Read entire article »

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I don’t think that we puppeteers are conscious of the responsibility that has fallen to us. This is not a responsibility that comes from any outside obligation or as the result of a comission by others, but rather because of the very nature of our profession, – a profession, incidentally, that can be considered as one of the oldest in the world. The responsiblitity is this: to treat the subjects of duality, of psychological projection, … Read entire article »

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From Cuba to China

<!--:en-->From Cuba to China<!--:-->

Allow me to refer in this op-ed space to two specific places that present to us worlds and perspectives that are far apart and very different from each another: Cuba and China. I have just come back, in fact, from a long journey to the Caribbean island, long ago in Spanish hands, where I attended the Tenth International Puppet Workshop in Matanzas, and then spent a few days in Havana. And as happens to any … Read entire article »

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Spring Festivals and Festivities

<!--:en-->Spring Festivals and Festivities<!--:-->

It is well known that spring gets into the blood. The same thing happens in the world of puppets, sensitive as they are to those changes of temperature which bring calendars to a halt and provoke a need for celebration in humans. In Catholic countries, it is now Holy Week, in which the black colour of death and the purple of the penitents declare the season’s change and the coming of the moment when nature … Read entire article »

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Join us, Participate, Push!

<!--:en-->Join us, Participate, Push!<!--:-->

Today, March 21, 2012, at 12 noon we present, in the framework of the TOT Festival in the Pueblo Español (Spanish Village) of Barcelona, our new, triple magazine. This public presentation is directed at the press, puppeteers and all who are interesed in the world of puppetry. It’s only a month since we leapt into the arena, and we can say that Puppetring and its two sister sites Putxinel·li and Titeresante have had a good … Read entire article »

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Barcelona and the TOT Festival

<!--:en-->Barcelona and the TOT Festival<!--:-->

It seems that Barcelona wants to catch up after a certain decline in puppetry over recent decades. The TOT Festival opened its doors on Friday 16th March. The TOT Festival is organised by the Pueblo Español (Spanish Village), a tourist attraction and centre, which, since its inception has combined arts, crafts, architecture, and activities for families. The Festival is of a modest size but its artistic director is Jacques Trudeau, General Secretary of UNIMA International, … Read entire article »

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A New Magazine about Puppets and Object Theatre

<!--:en-->A New Magazine about Puppets and Object Theatre<!--:-->

To speak of puppetry today is also to speak about visual theatre and the theatre of objects, of performances that play with the duplication of the image and body of the performer without technical or conceptual limits; it is to speak about opera, musicals, experimental theatre, large-scale works, and theatre for the youngest audiences. There are also museums, schools, archives, specialists, and those festivals that have done so much to cultivate and to maintain the genre. … Read entire article »

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