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Barcelona, a string-puppetry capital

Barcelona, a string-puppetry capital

In recent years Barcelona has become a veritable String Capital, not the most important in Europe, of course, but of growing significance in terms of the number of highly prestigious string puppeteers who live in the city, as well as of young professionals who are starting out in this branch of puppetry. This is apparent in international festivals of the genre, which increasingly feature artists from Barcelona [1]. Harry V. Tozer and his skeleton marionette. We have … Read entire article »

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“Atelier della Luna”: Masterclasses and Workshops, July – August 2014

<!--:en-->“Atelier della Luna”: Masterclasses and Workshops, July – August 2014<!--:-->

Atelier de la Luna is an initiative between Catalonia and Italy focused on the dissemination and teaching of theater that features two territories, two spaces, and a house without borders, as well in collaboration with the Halls of: Montefiore Conca (Italy), Santes Creus (Catalonia/Spain) and the co-organisation from the Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Atelier della Luna is doing training and specialised workshops about puppets, theatre and contemporary circus The castle Malatesta in … Read entire article »

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Jordi Bertran writes to Henk Boerwinkel of Triangle Theatre Figuren

<!--:en-->Jordi Bertran writes to Henk Boerwinkel of Triangle Theatre Figuren<!--:-->

Dear Henk, I remember the first time I met Ans, about 30 years ago, at the FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE TEATRE DE TITELLES DE BARCELONA, directed by Josep Mª Carbonell;  it was on the stage of the Regina Theatre, the same theatre where five years later I had the great honor to present my show “Anthology” for a month in Barcelona.” Jim Henson with Ans and Henk Boerwinkel in 1984. Picture from Jim Henson Company Archives (The … Read entire article »

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Saguenay: a journey through contemporary puppets

<!--:en-->Saguenay: a journey through contemporary puppets<!--:-->

As the days at the Festival International des Arts de la Marionnette – ManiganSes pass by, one gets more and more seduced by its excellent mood and the daily surprise of seeing a top quality show. Its Artistic Director, Éric Chalifour, has combined old, almost classic productions with newer proposals. Besides, these last ones are conceived pretty much out of commercial standards or they require a special attention from the audience. The whole program asks … Read entire article »

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Puppet video clip

<!--:en-->Puppet video clip<!--:-->

The video clip of the Spanish singer Leiva has been premiered. In this video clip the puppeteers Carlos Lopez, linked to La Casa-Taller de Pepe Otal, and Jordi Bertran, took part some months ago. The song “Eme” is included in the first album, December, of the bassist and singer from Madrid Pereza. The video, directed by Titán Pozo, is a not short animation film, but a real movie in which the two actors, puppets, suffer … Read entire article »

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