Atelier de la Luna is an initiative between Catalonia and Italy focused on the dissemination and teaching of theater that features two territories, two spaces, and a house without borders, as well in collaboration with the Halls of: Montefiore Conca (Italy), Santes Creus (Catalonia/Spain) and the co-organisation from the Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Atelier della Luna is doing training and specialised workshops about puppets, theatre and contemporary circus

Attelier della luna
The castle Malatesta in Montefiore Conca.

The workshops are developed in two different spaces: of the castle Malatesta in Montefiore Conca, Rimini (Italy) and the monastery of Santes Creus (Catalonia). These last years, the organisation has been dedicated to create a cultural space which permits to the artists, artisans and students, to do meetings of practical learning, exchange of theatre disciplines and international mobility.

Santes Creus
Monastery of Santes Creus.

This year in the Monastery of Santes Creus we programme a workshop from 5 – 20 july with the Forman Brothers Theatre, considered one of the most prestigious and interesting companies of the current theatre;

Forman Brothers
Forman Brothers.

Wooden Puppets (23 – 28 july), the sculptress Brina Babini, one of the few Italian women dedicated to the wooden sculpture of puppets will do a 6 day workshop to built a glove puppet.

Brina Babini
Brina Babini.

In Italy, in the Castle of Montefiore Conca, we’ll have Antúnez, recognised artist and performer, founder of Fura dels Baus that will do a masterclass (Membrana,15- 19july) dedicated to the language of the audiovisual performance.

Marcel·lí Antúnez
Marcel·lí Antúnez.

Silk string (15 – 20 june), making a string marionette workshop lead by Jordi Bertran, catalan famous puppeteer who has been in the most important puppet festivals of all around the world;

Jordi Bertran
Marionette by Jordi Bertran.

– Silvio Castiglioni, (The theatrical mask work, 8 – 12 july) historic actor and director of the Italian theatre scene he proposes the study of the ways to express with the mask, from the Commedia dell’ Arte to the Oriental dance-theatre and also film suggestions.

The participants of the workshops Atelier della Luna 2014 will travel along the puppets, the theatre, the contemporary circus and the multimedia in particular places, quiet spaces far from the everyday stressing rhythm, places to make a cultural exchange, a professional and personal meeting, to know other artists, explore possible synergies, artistic exchanges or new projects.

Comissioner of the project
Eudald Ferré (Catalonia)
Luca Ronga (Italy )