Month: December 2012

Provisional balance: from the old year 2012 to the new year 2013

It is difficult to define 2012. A year of extremes, for us at Puppetring it has been a prodigious year of new experiences and work. Our triple magazine saw the light on 1st March, and from then on its level of activity could be defined as a rhetorical storm, with 450 articles published in its three languages (Catalan, Spanish and English) and a few more in Portuguese and French. It is too early to weigh up the results, which will be better done on reaching our first anniversary, but we wish to express our modest satisfaction for the work...

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Iranian company Yase Tamam co-winner of top award in Warsaw

The puppet shows ‘The Earth and the Universe’ by Iranian company Yase Tamam, and ‘Louder!’ by Polish artists by Marcin Bartnikowski and Marcin Bikowski shared a top prize at the festival Puppet Is a Human Too, held in Warsaw last month. This is an important international event dedicated to puppet theater and animation movies for adults. The Jury recognizes the work of the companies from around the world in three main categories: best actor on actress, best performance and most interesting creativity. ‘The Earth and the Universe’ and ‘Louder!’ shared the latter. Led by Zahra Sabri, the company Yase Tamam...

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Images of Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel

It is a few months ago we were willing to have the opportunity to publish some news about a German company that really attracted us for its visual work. Now we’ve got it: Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel, from Germany, won two awards at the Puppets are Human too Festival in Warsaw, Poland: the Best Theatrical Use of Puppets prize and the Wonderful Moment of Animation. The Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel was founded in 1997 by the puppeteer Michael Vogel (graduate of Department for Puppetry Stuttgart) and the musician Charlotte Wilde as a professional freelance touring company based in Stuttgart,...

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‘Les Guignols du Maghreb’ TV show

The famous French TV show ‘Les Guignols de l’Info’ has from the beginning of October a new version for Maghreb countries. It is born in Tunez, the country where Arab Spring started off, broadcast on Nessma channel. Keeping its satiric way of giving today’s news and making fun of public figures from the Politics, ‘Les Guignols du Maghreb’ reach a wide audience in Tunez, Algeria and Morocco, where they got to have a lot of followers tuned to the the show. After the first broadcasts that criticized Tunez’ politicians, the show was soon exported. Both in Algeria and Morocco,...

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Puppets and mental illnesses

(Lire ici la version française / Read here French version.) Many therapy centers use puppets as a tool for enhancing consciousness on one’s problems. Used in such a variety of needs —social, educational, psychological or medical—, puppets are symbols, metaphors, distance and pieces of personal identity. With this basis, the École Nationale d’Apprentissage par la Marionnette (Learning through Puppets National School) , settled in Chicoutimi, Quebec, has a long experience helping people diagnosed with mental disorders. ENAM is a non-profit institution founded in 1990 by Richard Bouchard, director-general and artistic manager, Réjean Arseneault, coordinator, Clermont Lavoie, Jean-Guy Boily and...

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