The famous French TV show ‘Les Guignols de l’Info’ has from the beginning of October a new version for Maghreb countries. It is born in Tunez, the country where Arab Spring started off, broadcast on Nessma channel. Keeping its satiric way of giving today’s news and making fun of public figures from the Politics, ‘Les Guignols du Maghreb’ reach a wide audience in Tunez, Algeria and Morocco, where they got to have a lot of followers tuned to the the show.

After the first broadcasts that criticized Tunez’ politicians, the show was soon exported. Both in Algeria and Morocco, ‘Les Guignols du Maghreb’ is seen in public TV channels, but they are performed by actors from Tunez that get to perfectly mimic the accent of every character they represent. In Morocco, even if they satirize the head of government, Abdelila Benkiran, and other members of the executive, they censore themselves on the king Mohamed VI. Some insinuations about his absolute control over all the public life in the country have already appeared, though.