Month: February 2013

How to use object theatre, by Christian Carrignon

If you never had the chance to see Christian Carrignon’s conference-show about object theatre, you may think this is a too wide topic. In fact, Carrignon himself starts his conference saying he is going to talk about his own experience rather than all this scenic form in general, because, he ironizes, “no one knows what it is”. Carrignon is the artistic director of the company Théâtre de Cuisine with more than 30 years as a puppeteer. Although anyone can see this conference or a part of it on internet (see it on this same article), it is worthy to...

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‘Sensacional’ by Imaginart, sold out at the Unicorn Theatre in London

The show company Imaginart, from Sabadell, near to Barcelona, has brought one of his unique productions to London, where they are knowing success. ‘Sensacional’ is an audiovisual show for children from 18 months to 3 years, and they participate actively in the choreography of images projected on the stage. Properly dressed in white clothes, children are taken to the squared place where the drawn figures of animals, flowers and shapes pass. This calls their attention and push them to move. The children and their shadows emerge as a choreographic movement that is at the same time completely spontaneous, a...

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Ronan Tully’s Punch and Judy in Barcelona

We said on previous occasions that the world of Punch is booming. Every day there are more and more Professors practicing the Punch and Judy show, as the celebration of the last Big Grin demonstrated, and the health of British hero is stronger than ever. But the most curious is that also resideing in Barcelona a Profressor, from Dublin. Ronan Tully recently acted in the Casa-Taller de Marionetas de Pepe Otal. His show dazzled the audience, who cheered and  applauded. Furthermore, Jesus Atienza photographer was present with his camera in the room. We thought it was a perfect occasion...

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