Month: April 2013

“Words with Shadow”, short puppet stories

“Words with shadow”, short stories Blog about puppets from an image (photo, illustration, drawing …) made by the author of the story. Ángel Casado and the Cultural Exchange Commission (UNIMA) aim to create a space to promote the creation and collection of short stories about puppets from an image (photo, illustration …) made ​​by the author himself, for free diffusion. An annual prize of 100 € be awarded to the story with most votes through the blog “Words with shadow”. The result of the poll will be announced through the blog and in different media during the month of...

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UNIMA and UNESCO celebrate together the World Day of Peace

Important news has come from UNIMA fruit of the efforts of the current leadership of the International UNIMA: the working group NGP (non-governmental partners) of UNESCO “culture of peace” proposed to celebrate the International Day of Peace September 21, 2013 by organizing an international event: ​Puppets of Peace Festival​. During this day, all around the world will be presented puppets shows expressing a personal vision of peace, created by young and old amateurs or by professionals. Several international NGOs take part in enriching the project which has been approved by the Executive Council.. The proposed festival is for all, mainly...

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Projecto Funicular – Workshop with Agnès Limbos and Nicole Mossoux in Lisbon

Project  Funicular that Lisbon A Tarumba company done year after year, consists of a program of courses and workshops by the best artists of the genre. This year they present, coinciding with the festival FIMFA 2013, a training workshop on Puppet Theatre under the title “The Body versus Object”, directed by Agnès Limbos and Nicole Mossoux . Two great artists meet to pool their knowledge in a unique workshop on how to use the body in relation to objects. Here’s complete information in Portuguese and English of the event. INFO E INSCRIÇÕES – INFO AND INSCRIPTIONS The workshop “The...

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Forman Brothers Theatre Workshop at the XIV century Santes Creus monastery

For the first time in Catalunya, Matěj Forman will hold a 21-day international workshop on theatre specialization. Matěj and his brother Petr, twin sons of film director Milos Forman, are the founders of the Forman Brothers Theatre, which is considered one of the most interesting theatre companies in Europe today. All information in:  The workshop will take place at the XIV century Santes Creus monastery, an extraordinary location. The participants will work with the Forman Brothers Theatre, collecting the impressions of the architecture and natural environment around them and then begin a journey which will range from contemporary...

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