Important news has come from UNIMA fruit of the efforts of the current leadership of the International UNIMA: the working group NGP (non-governmental partners) of UNESCO “culture of peace” proposed to celebrate the International Day of Peace September 21, 2013 by organizing an international event: ​Puppets of Peace Festival​. During this day, all around the world will be presented puppets shows expressing a personal vision of peace, created by young and old amateurs or by professionals. Several international NGOs take part in enriching the project which has been approved by the Executive Council..

Marionnettes de la PaixThe proposed festival is for all, mainly young people, from the whole world. It calls for their creative abilities so that their demand and their will of peace is expressed through puppets art.

​Each team of puppets will choose a theme on peace, in a very wide meaning, will use the techniques of their choice, silent or spoken with translation if necessary. The creations will have to be filmed to be viewed by the organising committee.

The languages to use will be French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Esperanto.

​On September 25th 2013 all the works will be presented in UNESCO on several screens, in a continuous loop ; a selection of the works received will be presented during an official ceremony together with puppets shows.

Marionnettes de la PaixCalendar:​

​​​- From October, 2012 to May 15th, 2013: Creations and transmission of the filmed works to jury.
​- From May to June 2013: ​Vision of the works and awarding of prizes.
– September 21st: The International Day of Peace
–  On September 25th, 2013 in UNESCO: Puppets on stage for peace

For more information on this exciting project, see page of Marionnette de la Paix here.